10 December 2010

We're lacking some candid

There was this instance a week before my wedding where Kak Wanie had asked to have some pictures of me and Mr Hubby together to put-up at our guest book corner and my reaction was like.. "Ummm..." 

I had to physically pause and rack my brain because throughout our LDR, we very seldom take much pictures together. And it doesn't help that he's so camera shy and he doesn't approve of my cam-whoring ways!

Now the wedding have come and gone, and we've taken hundreds (maybe thousands?) of pictures together. But there is still a sense of something lacking in the pictures because I realized that when both of us are all made-up and glam-up in our bride and groom attires, it doesn't scream US. It's lacking that chemistry and natural candidness that only comes out when we're together in our own private space. And I can't point my finger on whether it was the occasion itself or maybe the lack of spontaneity in the photographer's picture-taking skills but 8 months down the road I am left with feeling unfulfilled. 

So when I heard that Udey Ismail will be coming up to UK next April for a tour, I messaged him straight away to check his available dates in Liverpool. I've always loved his work, and I would love to work with him in a photography session. And April being Springtime(hopefully), there will be some gorgeous landscape that we can work on. It's still a long way away, and at the moment, the package is a bit costly for  just the two of us so I'm trying to manipulate it to a family photography session instead. But Mr Hubby still need tons of convincing....

01 December 2010

A Long Time Coming

Sorry been MIA for awhile but I've good news!

The MR & MRS are finally TOGETHER!

God's willing, my visa came through relatively fast on the 20th of October (ie 7 days!) despite all the dramas that went down in the application process. You've no idea how excited I was when I finally had my passport and visa in hand. I was just so glad that the road for us to be together are finally cleared and all that's keeping me away now is that one-way air ticket to Liverpool.
Thanks to Air Asia X, I managed to grab a reasonable deal to fly into London Stanstead on 12th November. That gave me a reasonable 3 weeks between the day I got my visa to the day I leave the country. However, another bump in my plans was to get a tax clearance letter from the IRB. Bargh!!! I'm 2 weeks into my stay in Liverpool and I've yet to get that sorted! I've done my bits of the process at the IRB branch office before I left, but getting feedbacks from them just take ages! At least the follow-up process I can get my mum to do it for me. (Thank you mummy!)

But other than that, life has been good. The 2 weeks leading up to my departure was filled with dinner plans with a bunch of my ex-colleagues and friends. And I only started packing 2 days before because... well, I'm just too laid-back like that. (*winks*) A bunch of hugs and tears and goodbyes and 13-hours of  (surprisingly comfortable) flying time later, I'm in chilly London!!

Seasons Greeting from Manchester Christmas Market!!

03 November 2010

Wedding Venue: ISTAC

I was browsing through a friend's facebook album when I stumbled on a wedding that he attended at ISTAC (International Institute of Islamic Thoughts and Civilization). Oh gosh... this place is beautiful! The building has a lot of Mediterranean architecture influence, and when I first saw the pictures, I thought it was from oversea!

Check out the pictures and see for yourself!
(courtesy of Sham)

In terms of capacity, I think it can fits approx 200 pax at one sitting. Suitable for a small and intimate wedding party. And of course, proper dress codes must be adhere to. For more details, do refer to ISTAC's website.

02 November 2010

My Wedding Planner!

When I first got engaged and the wedding dates were confirmed to be sometime in April, I knew for sure that I needed a wedding planner because:
  1. I'm too busy with work to have enough time to spare to coordinate all wedding matters.
  2. My family are inexperienced. I am (after all) the first to be married in the family.
  3. I have very little care about wedding details. 
I have never been one of those girls who dreams about their perfect wedding day. I never had a vision of white wedding lace and veils and flowers and... well, you get the picture. So I never really had an idea of what I want my wedding to be like. 

But I like simplicity. I like clean fresh colours. And after doing some research and asking other b2bs out there, I concluded that I really(really)really like Kerja Kahwin's style. 

Working alongside Kak Wanie has been nothing short of wonderful. When I told her that I planned to hire her as a wedding planner, she was quick and thoughtful to come up with detailed lists and itineraries that would be useful for me. She made the arrangements for all other  things that are required of weddings - even things that I would never have thought of! She coordinates, she made time-lines and she'd even make reminders for me for payment schedules and any other appointments that I needed to attend. And she was very aware of my busy schedule, so we made an arrangement such that any ideas that I have for my wedding, I'll post it on this blog so that she could use it to come up with the concept and deco. How convenient is that! Plus, I've never been very particular about wedding decorations and I have absolute trust in Kak Wanie's vision of my wedding. 

So having her on my side has made my wedding day that much more enjoyable. I need not worry about anything at all (well.. except for that hiccups in regards to the band) and the wedding had turned out beautifully! 

So this post is of course a special dedication to Kak Wanie and her KK team. 
(from the bottom of my heart)

And to share, here are a few of my favorites from KK's website:

18 October 2010

Waiting to be His Wife

I thought I'd share about my current status as a wife, now that I've been married for 6 months. (^__^)

It's no secret that Mr Hubby currently resides and work in the UK, and I am here in Malaysia - which basically makes this an LDM (long-distance marriage). It wasn't much of a sacrifice in the beginning since both of us have a mutual understanding that I have some work commitments to take care of, which meant that I can't join him in the UK a.s.a.p. But I've been commitment free for the past one month now, and this also means that I can finally join him in the UK for good! 

Gosh... this has been something that I've been waiting for - to be with him in person - for the past 3 years! (Yes. LDR sucks.) Now... to get over that minor speed bump called 'visa'. 

Now, under United Kingdom's visa rule, Mr Hubby currently holds a Tier 4 General Student Visa. (Why he is still classified as a student despite already working? God knows...) And in order for me to join him there, I need to apply for a Tier 4 Dependent Visa. Basically, this visa allows me to be in the UK piggybacking on Mr Hubby's visa AS LONG AS my application meets a few requirements. The UK Border Agency's website have some pretty extensive FAQ here.

Application for a UK visa from Malaysia needs to be made directly with the visa agency, VFS instead of the British Consulate. VFS website has been very useful in providing step-by-step guidelines on how to make an application IF you know exactly which visa you should be applying for. If (like me) you're not so sure, the UK Border Agency's website is still the best point of reference.

Once everything is in order, you can arrange for an appointment with VFS online OR you can just drop in to their office at Menara MCA (Jln Ampang). The difference is that, with an appointment, you can basically skip the waiting game but you can still make an application with/without a prior appointment.

In my experience, you can have the best application form and all the supporting documents in the world but that does not guarantee you to make an application on the day itself. As VFS is only an agency, they will go through your application and your original supporting documents with you and advice you whether you can or cannot make an application on the day itself. They are NOT in the position to give an opinion.

I had to go through VFS people 4 TIMES(!!) before I can submit my application. And within that 4 visits, 4 weeks has passed... the visa fees had been revised upwards... Mr Hubby had to courier 3 sets of documents to me on 3 separate occasions because every time I go and see the VFS people, they'd ask for 3 different documents. 

Yes. It is very frustrating indeed especially when I've been making plans to join Mr Hubby sooner rather than later. And every time I visit VFS, that plan kept postponing. But thank God, 4th times the charm and now it's just a matter of a waiting game.... waiting for my application to be approve within the next 5 to 15 days!!

Here's to hoping (and praying) that things will OK in the near future.

14 October 2010

Of Sweet Tooth & Babycakes

Are you in on the latest food fad? Well... here's a few hints for you.

Small.Cute.Colourful.Not a cake.Not a biscuit.

Figured it out? It's MACARONS!

These cute little sandwich cookie has been sort of a staple in dessert buffets for it's colourful arrays of finger-sized sugar rush. They've got quite a legendary reputation in Paris and a huge following amongst hardcore bakers, but it's popularity in Kuala Lumpur itself is still rather small. These sweet things are hard to come by ie. most are only made available by order, and as far as I know only a few high-end bakeries and hotels actually make them. And even when it is made available to the mass public it is either:
(a) very pricey
(b) low quality.

And this is where I come in with good news! I finally found a place that not only sells these sweet babies at ultra reasonable prices (ranges from RM2.20 to RM2.50 per piece) but... the macarons are oh-so good too!

BABYCAKES Sweet Shoppe

Tucked away in a corner of the new G City Club Hotel in central KL (across Ampang Park, along Jln Tun Razak), this small shop specialises in macarons and floral decor. Me and my sisters have been going on a macarons binge the past few weeks (even resorting to making our own! which was a bust... ) and by far, the sweet offerings at Babycakes are on my top 2 favourites (sharing the spot with Nicole's Gourmet). Here, the sweetness of the macarons shells are delightfully balanced with the dense flavors of its fillings, with enough bite to satisfy the sweetest of tooth.

Available flavors: Red Velvet, Lemon, Bitter Chocolate, Green Tea, Strawberry, Black Sesame, Cherry Chocolates and Salted Caramel.

You can drop by their shop at G City Club Hotel which operates from Monday to Friday (10am- 6pm) and Saturday (10am to 3pm). Or place an order (1 week notice) with Nicole Lynn at babycakeshoppe@gmail.com

07 October 2010

A Beautiful Wedding!

I'm so so sorry(!!) for the lack of updates... but I just had to come out of hiding to share some gorgeous wedding photos of Mrs Iliyana & Mr Ihsan courtesy of Fad Manaf.

I totally {heart} this pelamin! It's so unique and simple and colourful! I absolutely adore the creative use of origami spinwheels in multishades and hues. And... it goes to show that you don't need to go over the top with fresh flowers to have a beautiful wedding. Now that's the best way to Go Green!

More pictures of the deco and a nice corner for the musician! Love the blend of the wooden backdrop and the tree and hanging lights.

A 'Mr & Mrs' table! I'm really digging the trend of using 3D wordings for main table deco. Love the signage and simplicity of the decoration for the main table.

The guestbook corner. Again. Simple and rustic and looks very 'homey'. Gosh... wish I had this wedding!

For more pictures, do check out Fad's album of the wedding at his Facebook page here.

ADD! Thanks to anonymous person, the decorator for this wedding has been found! Do check out Party Popperz  for more info.

18 August 2010

I'm Flying!

In about... an hour's time, I'll be boarding on a plane to Manchester baby! (ok... technically, I'll be flying into Dubai first for a transit before I'll be officially flying to the general direction of UK)

I'm going on a short trip to visit The Hubster and celebrate 2 weeks of Ramadhan together since we won't be able to celebrate our first Aidilfitri together as a married couple. Yeah... it sucks... but after being in a long distance relationship for so long, I've learnt to give and take. So this trip is the next best thing to nothing and I'm grateful to be able to spend time with The Hubster, no matter how little it is.

So consider this a quick and short update. Sorry for being AWOL for a bit there, but I'm hoping that with some spare time on hand in the coming week, I'll be able to re-organize myself and post some (belated) updates on the wedding. So feel free to drop a comment on what you guys want to read. Anything at all! Don't be shy 'kay.

See you guys on the other side!

08 July 2010

What do you do with your dress now that the wedding is over?

So now that the wedding is over, what do you do with your lovelylovely dress?
Yes. The very one that you've painstakingly dreamt of since you were a lil girl. 

I wore it to play my Guitar Hero.

.... and also to fool around in front of a camera.

Light blue french lace and gray satin - one of my 'hantaran' when I first gotten engaged. My lil' sister chose the materials and color combination. She was 10 years old at the time. Me? I was sitting at one of the sofa, curing a massive headache looking at all those cloths! (Can you tell that I dislike shopping?)

The solemnization outfit was desgined and tailored by none other than Unaisah.

She's such a lovely lady! I met her 3 times and she was nothing but polite and helpfull the entire time. Despite getting the attire the day before my solemnization, I had absolute trust in her handywork. I know some brides would throw a fit or a tantrum if their dress is not yet ready so close to the WeeDay, but I wanted Unaisah to actually enjoy making my dress instead of slaving over it. Because it is obvious that she loves doing what she does, and I am honoured to be able to wear one of her handyworks.

Thanks so much Unaisah!

PS: Still waiting for my wedding pictures from Ariff. *sigh* I can't believe it's been 3 months and I have yet to see the unedited pictures!! Should I throw a tantrum?

19 June 2010

Official Songlist

I am very much a music person - although I must admit that I am not actually priviledge enough to claim that. But I like music and I can at least comfortably say that I know what I like - folk, acoustic and rock. So...2 weeks before the wedding I was to send over a songlist to Ezura ( of Ezura Entertainment ) so she can consider to play on the W-Day itself.

Now... I know I've mentioned this before  but coming up with a songlist was the easiest (and most fun!) part of the wedding planning. I know some brides would just throw in a Wedding Songs OST and be done with it. But I think a songlist is a perfect start to set a mood/ambience for your wedding. So I thought I'd help out all b2b out there by sharing my system in coming up with a songlist.

** Tip #1: Choose songs that you actually like listening to. Coming up with a songlist doesn't mean it has to be tacky with heavy fully-loaded ballads (100 Greatest Love Songs of All Time OST!!). Plus, sharing with your guests the sort of music that you appreciate will give your wedding a more personalised touch.


** Tip #2: Do consider the music taste of the oldies as well - ie. The Parents. Mix it up a bit, but your parents preference should never dominate yours. Just... be considerate enough so that the old people can still enjoy the music as well.

** Tip #3: Always go for light and easy. If you want upbeat, go for swing or jazz numbers. Poco-poco are always fun at a malay wedding but if possible avoid rock songs because it just kills the mood.

** Tip #4: Do self-censorship. After you've come up with a songlist, have a go at listening to all songs and be extra aware of the lyrics and its subtext. At least let the songs be PG-13.

** Tip #5: If you're hiring a band, please be mindful of the range of songs that the band can play. If possible, come up with an extensive list of songs and give to your band for their consideration. The band can't play songs they are not familiar with. So if you insist on having some particular songs played during your wedding, highlight these to your band so they can have enough time to practice and do their own music arrangements.

And now... without further ado, I present to you...

(Songs highlighted [*] are my personal favourite)
  1. * Back to You - John Mayer  >> Such wonderful song paired with such sultry voice! 
  2. * Virginia Moon - Norah Jones & Foo Fighters >> This is a wonderful (and unexpected) collab!
  3. * Sempurna - Andra & The Backbones >> I know it's overplayed at weddings but its all for a very good reason!
  4. * Kau Ilhamku - Manbai  >> A play on the word based on Hubby's name. This song is extra special to me because it dates back to before we were dating.
  5. Here Comes Your Man - Meaghan Smith >> If I had it my way, this would've been Hubby's entrance song.
  6. Like A Star - Corrine Bailey Rae
  7. Gravity - Sara Bareilles
  8. * Can't Take My Eyes Off of You - Lady Antebellum  >> I fell in love with the lyrics set against some simple chords and arrangements.
  9. Ingin Bersamamu - Tomok
  10. The Way - Clay Aiken  >> Thought I'd throw in a cheesy wedding song in there for the fun of it.
  11. You're In My Heart, You're In My Soul - Rod Stewart
  12. Till There Was You - Rod Stewart
  13. * For Sentimental Reasons - Rod Stewart >> One of my fav from his American Songbook album.  This song takes me back to a flat in Liverpool...
  14. * I'm Yours - Jason Mraz >> I know... another overplayed song.
  15. A Beautiful Mess - Jason Mraz
  16. Bintang-bintang - Bintang  >> No kidding.
  17. You Belong To Me - Michael Bubble
  18. This Moment - Shania Twain  >> Hubby loves her and had dedicated this song to me on numerous occasion. Thought he'd appreciate it being on the songlist.
  19. Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Bubble
  20. Dancing In The Moonlight - Toploader
  21. Fly Me To The Moon - Frank Sinatra
  22. All The Way - Celine Dion & Frank Sinatra  >> Another classic collab!
  23. What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
  24. Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond  >> This is such a fun song. If you're a Gleek, you'd know which epi this came from....
  25. Beautiful - Trading Yesterday
  26. You Make It Real - James Morrison
  27. * Baby It's Fact - HelloGoodbye  >> Another fun upbeat song. This song always makes me smile.
  28. All We Are - Matt Nathanson
  29. * Loving You - Paolo Nutini
  30. * She's Got You High - Mumm-Ra  >> I blame 500 Days of Summer OST. This song is addictive!
  31. * Always - Switchfoot

The list are extensive but I know I've put enough of myself into it when my friends came over to me after the wedding and commented that the songlist are so... ME! And I was so happy to hear this and know I've succeed in sharing my musical experience with those who came.

And wouldn't it be more fulfilling if I could make this into a CD and slip it inside a personalised cover sleeve as a wedding favor?

You can download the template for the above CD sleeve for free!

12 June 2010

To my best girlfriend:

This post is dedicated to my best girlfriend because I know, without her, I'd be absolutely lost in my wedding preparations.

To my darling Hazlind. Thank you for accompanying me to all the bridal boutiques - from Wangsa Maju to Shah Alam - you were always willing to come with me, and help me with all your opinions and suggestions. Thank you for listening to me rant on and on about all my wedding plans, for letting me unburden all my stressfull days to you whenever I had some disagreements with my mum. Thank you for always be so willing to help me out for my wedding day. Thank you for being there every step of the way - whenever I had doubts on which shoes to get or which 'tudung' to buy - you were always so willing to sacrifice your time (and petrol!) for me. And I always love spending time with you, and I always appreciate and respect your opinions and suggestions.

Thank you for singing at my wedding. I'm so sorry that I didn't get to hear you sing properly. And I can't believe we don't have a proper shot together on my wedding day!! But I'm so glad that you get to be my pengapit on my nikah day because there is no one else I'd rather have to be beside me on my big day.

Thank you for everything and I know I haven't covered enough for all that you've done for me. I hope that one day, when you finally found your special someone, I can be there on your big day too.


08 June 2010

Still Pining For These...

I know my own wedding is very much 2-months behind me but I can't help it. I still love looking at wedding dresses. The fact that I wasn't very much happy with my own just made me pine even more for other dresses. Oh well... I'll try to elaborate more on my wedding dress drama one of these days.

But for now, I just want to share with you all some more wedding dresses that I'm in love with.

I love the simple silhouette of this gown, paired with exquisite detailings to the lace for the top.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the bolero but this gown just looks simple and gorgeous.

A design from Karl Lagerfield. It's definitely not something that I could pull-off
but the layering details and structure of this dress is for sure meant for the trendy ones!

Let me point your attention to the bottom-right dress.
I absolutely adore the neckline and shape of the top!

All pictures courtesy of Wedding Inspirasi. Do head on over there for more wedding dress ideas!

Note:: Sorry I haven't been replying comments and e-mails lately but to those who asked about my nikah dress... well... I promise you that the moment I get my pictures (crossing fingers I'll get it next week!) the first thing I'll write about is the dress k?

05 May 2010

A 'bimbo' moment

I got a surprise call from Hubby last night. It was a surprise because it was only 3.30pm where he is (10.30pm KL time) and he's supposed to be working. And I had a totally 'bimbo' moment because when I picked-up the call, the first thing he said was "Happy 1st month anniversary!!"
And my reply was: "What anniversary?"

It had never crossed my mind that I've been married for a month now! I've stopped counting down the days and months and years of us being together a long time ago, and it had been just too easy to fall back into steps of my day-to-day routine now that we're apart again. So, in my defense, it was also too easy for me to forget that I'm actually married (I still tend to refer him as my boyfriend in conversations), and I'm not romantic enough to actually celebrate anniversaries in the 1st place.

But still... this is a step towards a lifetime together. So, happy anniversary dearest! Love you lots!!

04 May 2010

The Invitation Cards (Part I)

I feel kinda embarrassed that it took me so long to write about my invitation cards. But after reading about a fellow b2b predicament over her wedding invites (read :: Yes I Do ), it reminded me a lot of my own bridezilla moment. And you know something... despite having it done so last minute and having to rushed the editings and printings in such a short amount of time, I still adore my invitation card 100%.

Now meet the team that made it all possible (and saved the day!) : Warna Inspirasi.

It must've been fated for them to make my wedding invitation cards. Why? Well... prior to my meltdown moment post-Jakarta, I'd already bookmarked them as a potential vendor simply for their cute and simple designs, as well as the general enthusiasm towards prints which I can really appreciate. Post-Jakarta + bridezilla moment, I found out that the team is a relative of a friend of my mother's! What a coincidence! Obviously, I did a bit of prodding and asked my mum to ask for a favor. A few phonecalls and text messages later and I've a vendor! You have no idea how grateful I was that somebody was willing to take my order so last minute!

Most of our communications were done via email. In the early process, they needed to come-up with a design first. Since this was so last minute, I'd decided that I was willing to compromise on my ideal card design and just go with a simple 2-fold envelope card.

(photo courtesy of CahayaKad)

(photo courtesy of Kanda & Dinda)

To save further time on designs, we had utilised an existing embossed template for the borders. And as for the wordings inside, I saved further editing time by going through a few wedding invites that I had kept as reference, re-typed the ones that I liked into Words, and format everything else - from the font and font sizes, bolds and italics, to the alignments and spacings. Then I sent it to the team, and it was just a matter of cut & paste from there onwards. Of course, I still needed to double-check everything so it was ok and gotten the stamp of approval from parents.

The one that took time was the direction map itself as we had requested a new design, as compared of using the ones provided by the caterer at KGPA. Me and my mum had spent some time trying to analysing and editing the map as we were expecting guests from outside of KL who are most probably not familiar with the roads here. So it's important to have clear directions to/from the main highways.

Now the tricky bit: the colours. As previously discussed with my mum, we wanted to go with a greenish-blue colour for the card itself, to wrap around the entire theme of the wedding. But we'd never actually sat down and decided on the specific colour per se. In fact, choosing the colours came at the very end of the process, just before printing. And since we were so rushed to go into printing, I'd made the decision based on my own interpretation  - and totally without my mother's prior approval!   

Obviously, I did not tell my mother about this till the point that the card was delivered to her very hand (I was outstation at the time). I heard her disapproval over the phone loud and clear. And there I was panicking, thinking the worst. And the moment I got home and saw the cards? Well... you can read my first-hand reaction in this post :: here.

I still love it despite my parents dissapproval. And I know I made the right decision when I see the delight on my friends faces when I give them the cards, and the way they gush on how striking and cute it is. Well, I'll let you be the judge of that.

the front

the inside

the inlays
(all designs are copyright of Hazco Print @ 2010)

03 May 2010


I'm sorry I don't mean to brag but..... don't you think these are absolutely GORGEOUS??

I love my colourful lanterns! It sets the perfect backdrop and theme for the wedding, and I just totally adore all those bright colours! And of course, I must thank the ever lovely (and cute!) Kak Wanie & the KK Team , for making it all possible. It's amazing how she can just read my mind on the hanging lantern idea and totally ran away with it, leaving me breathless with the outcome.

26 April 2010

Life resumes

3 weeks married and we have now resumed what was previously a long-distance relationship, now a long-distance marriage. But it wasn't as hard to let go of him yesterday as compared to all the previous times when I have to see him off at KLIA. Well... okay... partly it was because both of our parents were there (can't cry too much!) but mostly because I've become accepting of this distance and I know that this will be the final time we'll be separated.

So... life goes on....

Sorry haven't been writing in for awhile. I have so many to tell and so many people to thank for but.... I'm still waiting for the pictures!!! Damn... does it really take so long?

Will try and update as and when I've time and collected some pictures from friends and family. So don't give up on this blog yet!

I'll be back!!

11 April 2010


.... but do excuse me for the lack of entries and updates. The wedding reception at his house will be held in a few hours time, so I am taking a breather for this quick update.

If you guys are curious and/or interested to see some sneak peeks of the solemnization and wedding reception pictures, do head-on to :: Kerja Kahwin. Much thanks and appreciation goes out to Kak Wanie and her team for such a beautiful wedding and making it one (very) memorable day for me, my husband and my family and friends.

02 April 2010

The Last Day

I'm getting married in T+13hrs!!! How time flies..... And to think that it all started 5 years ago! Now, here I am sitting here in my living room, waiting for my inai to dry while watching the pelamin to be finalised and all the arrangements up and ready.

So... what else I've been up to this week? Well... other than going up and down the entire stretch of KL getting last minute stuff? (-__-) I must admit that I only started buying the rings and all the other items on our hantaran list on Monday. On Tuesday, I had to go to Klang for work. On Wednesday, went to see the OBG doctor, met his parents and settled our arrangements for his bertandang side. Thursday was my solo day: went to Brazil and back in under an hour (**wink**), picked up my popcakes from lovely Cik Ecah of Kek Kenit (thanks for accommodating my order on just short notice!), and went shopping for wedding shoes (kena beli another pair since my family did not approve my 1st pair) till late.

As for today... well... it was suppose to be a pretty straight-forward, laid-back kinda day for me. BUT... when I went to pick-up my bersanding dress, it was still not in its promised state, so they said they'd only have it ready for us tomorrow evening. Then went to Petaling Street to get some flowers for my mum, but it seemed like we came a bit too late (or too early) as the stock for the week is almost gone. So our choices were definitely limited. After dropping the flowers at my house, we went back out, heading to Shah Alam to pick-up my nikah dress. The traffic travelling back-and-forth from SA was horrible!! And we still have to find a hijab for my solemnization! And I still need to rush back home to do my inai!!!

So I was very much rushed and exhausted by the time I got home this evening. In fact, I was 2 hours late for my inai appoitment and I got so scared of getting some serious scolding from my mum!!! But things pretty much settled down after that. Got my inai done and I was told to just sit still at home whilst everyone went out to do their own thing for the night. And I'm the sort of person who can't sit still for long. Especially when I have a bunch of little cousins to babysit!

Yes. My inai is already smudged.

Ok. Wish me all the best! And next time I'll be writing as a Mrs!!

30 March 2010

7 Days Before...

Guess what I'd done exactly a week before my wedding?


Yup. I went running!

Did my 3rd quarter marathon (10k) since I started running last year. Maybe it's not the best way to spend my last weekend as a single lady, but the sense of accomplishment is very rewarding. Especially when you ran 10k in just under an hour!

My medal of honor.

Can you find me?

And THAT is my reason for not being able to attend the very 1st B&B gathering last Saturday. Only managed to drop by just before it started to pick-up some stuff from MarryMe2U. And from all the blog posts that has been circulating so far, it looked fantastic! Sorry I had to miss it. Would've loved to meet other bloggers.

24 March 2010

Dear ex-brides and bride-to-bes

Dear ex-brides and bride-to-bes,
When you first tried-out your wedding dress, how was your feeling? Ecstatic? Speechless? Happy? Accomplished?

Because I'm not getting any of it.

So this evening, I went over to the bridal boutique for a fitting. Here I was stewing away and biting at my nails all week because the designer has been too quiet since we last met. So when I contacted her, apparently the dress has been waiting for me as well! *dush!* (btw... that's suppose to be the sound of an anvil landing on my forehead)

Since I'm fairly busy with work this week, I couldn't do any day earlier other than this evening. And when the designer showed me the dress from a distance and asked me to try it on, I was so nervous! And how did it go?

Well... to put it in simple words: anti-climatic. The thing is the dress seems exactly like I had imagined it. Empire waistline; chiffon-draping; laced top. I honestly couldn't find any fault with it except for some extra pinches here and there. But... I just wasn't feeling it. I felt like something was off with the dress but I just couldn't put my fingers on it. And now I'm worried.

Of course, the dress still needed a bit of work here and there, so maybe my eyes are deceiving me. But throughout the fitting, I was more interested with the dress on the mannequin than the one I'm wearing!

Should I be worried?


22 March 2010

Of buttons and bags

Good morning girls!! Just a quick entry today because I'm rushing off to work now! (sempat lagi...) Anyways, thanks for all the suggestions for the videographers! Really appreciate it. Hopefully I'll be able to get in touch with one of them soon and confirm it by end of the week. But I've just been sooo busy!!! With work... socials... weddings...

Ok. Now the purpose of this entry is also to ask for more help. I'm on the look-out for these 2 items:

Silk-flowers boutonnoires

(borrowed this from sputnik who borrowed it from SMP)

(bottom pic courtesy of Unaisah. Isn't it cute that they have the 'moustache' piccie?)

Cloth favor bags

(picture courtesy of The Knot)

I've been thinking of having the boutonnaires as a 'corsage' (sort-of) for my family members and close friends. Does anyone knows where I can find it in bundles? As for the cloth bag... saw a sample at Bangsar yesterday, and since all the favors has arrived at my house and we've yet to have any ideas on how to package it... thinking of having a plain small cloth bag to put it all in and just get a stamp and DIY it with me and hubby's name on top of it.

Btw... have I mentioned that I've only 2 weeks (!!!!) left to WeeDay? So any help is very very much appreciated!

17 March 2010

To Video or Not to Video(??)

It's something that I've been considering for quite some time now and I am so very very tempted to have a videographer around during the wedding! Why? Well... there are certain moments that simply cannot be captured by images alone. And the thing with a video is that it's more interactive and personal than pictures. Ok. This purely depends on who you talked to for advice.  (^__^)

I asked the groom-to-be and he says that it's just a waste of money and he doesn't want it to be seen as something grand. And initially I was apprehensive about having a videographer around, for the simple fact that I'm camera-shy. But thinking back on it now, I do want to be able to look back and re-lived the moment when I officially become his wife. I do want to catch moments during the wedding - between friends and families or something just purely random! - that I will most probably miss-out. I want a keepsake of the performance my friends will be staging for me. I want something ... tangible ... that I can share with my future children.

So now I've decided on having a videographer! But since WeeDay is 2+ weeks away, it is very important that I get something done about it FAST! So here me out dear readers. Please recommend me any good and reasonably priced (!!) videographers out there! I'll.... figure out on how to repay your kindness. Maybe throw in some sort of freebie? (~_~)


To me, there are 3 things that makes a wedding. Well... at least for MY wedding.
  1. Good food (and tons of desserts!)
  2. Good company (cherished families and friends)
  3. Fantastic music
In all honesty, all of the above points basically defines any good dates that I have had with my girlfriends whenever we hang-out at Delicious @ Dua Residency. I love 'live' music and I'm almost always there on a Thursday night (the quietest night), sitting back on their 2-seaters corner, a mug of hot coffee and their signature classic chocolate brownies and I'm sold!

But whatever it is: I love my music. I know my music. It varies a lot, depending on my mood most of the time. From folk-rock to acoustic to cheesy pop to classic blues. From Frank Sinatra and Rod Stewart to David Gray and Coldplay.

So when it comes to choosing songs for the wedding, I'm all glee and smiles because it's something that I love doing! And I had a head-start on it too since I started compiling songs since November! So of course, what eventually happened was that, my songlist got too long and I realised that not all of the songs are appropriate for weddings. Thus... self-censorship ensues!

So these are a few songs, that (sadly) did not make it to the final list:
  1. Still  -  Matt Nathanson
  2. Always  -  Switchfoot
  3. She's Got You High  -  Mumm-ra
  4. Yet  -  Switchfoot
  5. Baby, It's Fact  -  Hellogoodbye
  6. Falling Slowly  -  Glenn Hansard & Marketa Irglova
  7. Here Comes the Man  -  The Pixies
  8. Wonderwall  -  Oasis
  9. Collide  -  Howie Day
  10. Crazy Ever After  -  The Rescues
  11. Across the Universe  -  The Beatles
  12. Hey Jude  -  The Beatles
  13. Where We Gonna Go From Here  -  Matt Kearney
  14. Grow Old with You  -  Adam Sandler
  15. Come So Far (Got So Far To Go)  -  Hairspray OST
  16. In The Sun  -  Chris Martin & Michael Stipe
I have to admit these are far from your typical wedding soundtrack but I think that's the reason why I love them more! So after extensive consideration, 27 songs made it to the final playlist and even then, it has to go through another round of consideration by the wedding band and singer - especially since they are not familiar with most of the songs as well. (hehe....)

But do you want to have a sneak-peek at one of my MUST HAVE songs?

14 March 2010

It's Here!!

I finally got my wedding cards! They came - as promised - last week, 2 days earlier than I had expected but since I was still away on an outstation job at the time, I had my mum to take care of it. And I've been nothing but short of nervous to see the end product ever since! My mother did not entertain my request to send pictures of the wedding card, and she sort of (!) complained about the colour... which made me nervous even more!

So! The first thing I did when I came home this afternoon was to look at the cards. We had ordered 800 pieces and had gotten 100 pieces extra and even then my mum had said that it was too much! When I found the cards this afternoon, the box was 3/4 empty accompanied by a nagging suspicion that I might have to order more. But.... what's important is my reaction right?

And guess what?

I can't wait to start sending these out to my friends!
Much thanks and credit have to be given out to Hazlan of warna inspirasi 
for helping us so much for the cards!

And to add a bit of a personal touch to the cards, I bought some coloured origami papers and a silver pen, and made a small but personalised note to all my friends and colleagues. Sure, it'll be a bit of a work to go through all the namelists and handwrite everything, but I think people can appreciate the small stuff.