24 March 2010

Dear ex-brides and bride-to-bes

Dear ex-brides and bride-to-bes,
When you first tried-out your wedding dress, how was your feeling? Ecstatic? Speechless? Happy? Accomplished?

Because I'm not getting any of it.

So this evening, I went over to the bridal boutique for a fitting. Here I was stewing away and biting at my nails all week because the designer has been too quiet since we last met. So when I contacted her, apparently the dress has been waiting for me as well! *dush!* (btw... that's suppose to be the sound of an anvil landing on my forehead)

Since I'm fairly busy with work this week, I couldn't do any day earlier other than this evening. And when the designer showed me the dress from a distance and asked me to try it on, I was so nervous! And how did it go?

Well... to put it in simple words: anti-climatic. The thing is the dress seems exactly like I had imagined it. Empire waistline; chiffon-draping; laced top. I honestly couldn't find any fault with it except for some extra pinches here and there. But... I just wasn't feeling it. I felt like something was off with the dress but I just couldn't put my fingers on it. And now I'm worried.

Of course, the dress still needed a bit of work here and there, so maybe my eyes are deceiving me. But throughout the fitting, I was more interested with the dress on the mannequin than the one I'm wearing!

Should I be worried?



  1. don't worry too much dear, i think i felt the same way you did when i had my second fitting but turns out it was alrite all along.. even my fiance loves it, he only got the chance to see it a week after i did. maybe it's just in our mind kot?

  2. nervous sgt tu.. or maybe you had too high expectation about the dress jadi tu yang rasa anticlimactic.

  3. u should have a positive thought ainun.. =)