07 October 2010

A Beautiful Wedding!

I'm so so sorry(!!) for the lack of updates... but I just had to come out of hiding to share some gorgeous wedding photos of Mrs Iliyana & Mr Ihsan courtesy of Fad Manaf.

I totally {heart} this pelamin! It's so unique and simple and colourful! I absolutely adore the creative use of origami spinwheels in multishades and hues. And... it goes to show that you don't need to go over the top with fresh flowers to have a beautiful wedding. Now that's the best way to Go Green!

More pictures of the deco and a nice corner for the musician! Love the blend of the wooden backdrop and the tree and hanging lights.

A 'Mr & Mrs' table! I'm really digging the trend of using 3D wordings for main table deco. Love the signage and simplicity of the decoration for the main table.

The guestbook corner. Again. Simple and rustic and looks very 'homey'. Gosh... wish I had this wedding!

For more pictures, do check out Fad's album of the wedding at his Facebook page here.

ADD! Thanks to anonymous person, the decorator for this wedding has been found! Do check out Party Popperz  for more info.


  1. i was going wagaga over this particular wedding when i browsed thru fad'd FB. Simple but cantik sangat. And different from the typical malay wedding kan?

  2. hi babe. it's from sharifah nur, party poppers.

  3. Thanks so much Anonymous person! Googling now.... ;)

  4. did saw another vendors that provides those decos too and it looks sooooo gorgeous!~ =D love the vintage and simple touch too..but they were based in JB.. already asked, they can do it to other place too but we have to bear the transportation cost =D

    just wanna share...