05 May 2010

A 'bimbo' moment

I got a surprise call from Hubby last night. It was a surprise because it was only 3.30pm where he is (10.30pm KL time) and he's supposed to be working. And I had a totally 'bimbo' moment because when I picked-up the call, the first thing he said was "Happy 1st month anniversary!!"
And my reply was: "What anniversary?"

It had never crossed my mind that I've been married for a month now! I've stopped counting down the days and months and years of us being together a long time ago, and it had been just too easy to fall back into steps of my day-to-day routine now that we're apart again. So, in my defense, it was also too easy for me to forget that I'm actually married (I still tend to refer him as my boyfriend in conversations), and I'm not romantic enough to actually celebrate anniversaries in the 1st place.

But still... this is a step towards a lifetime together. So, happy anniversary dearest! Love you lots!!


  1. suweet~..btw i saw all ur wedding pic in ur cakemaker nye blog..my likes!

  2. congratulations ainun & hubby. such a beautiful wedding! :)