14 March 2010

It's Here!!

I finally got my wedding cards! They came - as promised - last week, 2 days earlier than I had expected but since I was still away on an outstation job at the time, I had my mum to take care of it. And I've been nothing but short of nervous to see the end product ever since! My mother did not entertain my request to send pictures of the wedding card, and she sort of (!) complained about the colour... which made me nervous even more!

So! The first thing I did when I came home this afternoon was to look at the cards. We had ordered 800 pieces and had gotten 100 pieces extra and even then my mum had said that it was too much! When I found the cards this afternoon, the box was 3/4 empty accompanied by a nagging suspicion that I might have to order more. But.... what's important is my reaction right?

And guess what?

I can't wait to start sending these out to my friends!
Much thanks and credit have to be given out to Hazlan of warna inspirasi 
for helping us so much for the cards!

And to add a bit of a personal touch to the cards, I bought some coloured origami papers and a silver pen, and made a small but personalised note to all my friends and colleagues. Sure, it'll be a bit of a work to go through all the namelists and handwrite everything, but I think people can appreciate the small stuff.


  1. ainun, send one for me :) i nak attend your wedding :P

  2. wehehe... of course boleh! just forward me your address and full name to my email k. insyaallah by end of the week or early next week dpt. ;)

  3. Hi ainun! its good to know that you're an auditor coz i am an auditor too and busy preparing for big day =D all the best for your wedding preparation ya, and yes, keje office sangatlah byk and our wedding prep ntah ke mana dah..i love the color of your wedding card. nice!