17 March 2010

To Video or Not to Video(??)

It's something that I've been considering for quite some time now and I am so very very tempted to have a videographer around during the wedding! Why? Well... there are certain moments that simply cannot be captured by images alone. And the thing with a video is that it's more interactive and personal than pictures. Ok. This purely depends on who you talked to for advice.  (^__^)

I asked the groom-to-be and he says that it's just a waste of money and he doesn't want it to be seen as something grand. And initially I was apprehensive about having a videographer around, for the simple fact that I'm camera-shy. But thinking back on it now, I do want to be able to look back and re-lived the moment when I officially become his wife. I do want to catch moments during the wedding - between friends and families or something just purely random! - that I will most probably miss-out. I want a keepsake of the performance my friends will be staging for me. I want something ... tangible ... that I can share with my future children.

So now I've decided on having a videographer! But since WeeDay is 2+ weeks away, it is very important that I get something done about it FAST! So here me out dear readers. Please recommend me any good and reasonably priced (!!) videographers out there! I'll.... figure out on how to repay your kindness. Maybe throw in some sort of freebie? (~_~)


  1. http://vimeo.com/9719983

    email me: butterscotch85@gmail.com for details if you are interested :)

  2. i suggest u to call brother shah: 012-7742515 or Azriz 012-5190421.hired them 3days before my wedding, coz video is not in my wedding list/budget..so i didn't put high expectation at first ...but honestly i sgt berpuas hati how my video turn out ;)

  3. erm, ill be checking these people out next week tapi takut too late for u pulak..


    so, i cannot tell u lagi.
    kalau u nak yg gile cool..tapi per event like min RM 1500


    ade one more i suke tapi i tatau harga is


    hope this helps

  4. juz wanna share u the www.eddie-photovideo.com. videography starts from rm1300.