26 April 2010

Life resumes

3 weeks married and we have now resumed what was previously a long-distance relationship, now a long-distance marriage. But it wasn't as hard to let go of him yesterday as compared to all the previous times when I have to see him off at KLIA. Well... okay... partly it was because both of our parents were there (can't cry too much!) but mostly because I've become accepting of this distance and I know that this will be the final time we'll be separated.

So... life goes on....

Sorry haven't been writing in for awhile. I have so many to tell and so many people to thank for but.... I'm still waiting for the pictures!!! Damn... does it really take so long?

Will try and update as and when I've time and collected some pictures from friends and family. So don't give up on this blog yet!

I'll be back!!

11 April 2010


.... but do excuse me for the lack of entries and updates. The wedding reception at his house will be held in a few hours time, so I am taking a breather for this quick update.

If you guys are curious and/or interested to see some sneak peeks of the solemnization and wedding reception pictures, do head-on to :: Kerja Kahwin. Much thanks and appreciation goes out to Kak Wanie and her team for such a beautiful wedding and making it one (very) memorable day for me, my husband and my family and friends.

02 April 2010

The Last Day

I'm getting married in T+13hrs!!! How time flies..... And to think that it all started 5 years ago! Now, here I am sitting here in my living room, waiting for my inai to dry while watching the pelamin to be finalised and all the arrangements up and ready.

So... what else I've been up to this week? Well... other than going up and down the entire stretch of KL getting last minute stuff? (-__-) I must admit that I only started buying the rings and all the other items on our hantaran list on Monday. On Tuesday, I had to go to Klang for work. On Wednesday, went to see the OBG doctor, met his parents and settled our arrangements for his bertandang side. Thursday was my solo day: went to Brazil and back in under an hour (**wink**), picked up my popcakes from lovely Cik Ecah of Kek Kenit (thanks for accommodating my order on just short notice!), and went shopping for wedding shoes (kena beli another pair since my family did not approve my 1st pair) till late.

As for today... well... it was suppose to be a pretty straight-forward, laid-back kinda day for me. BUT... when I went to pick-up my bersanding dress, it was still not in its promised state, so they said they'd only have it ready for us tomorrow evening. Then went to Petaling Street to get some flowers for my mum, but it seemed like we came a bit too late (or too early) as the stock for the week is almost gone. So our choices were definitely limited. After dropping the flowers at my house, we went back out, heading to Shah Alam to pick-up my nikah dress. The traffic travelling back-and-forth from SA was horrible!! And we still have to find a hijab for my solemnization! And I still need to rush back home to do my inai!!!

So I was very much rushed and exhausted by the time I got home this evening. In fact, I was 2 hours late for my inai appoitment and I got so scared of getting some serious scolding from my mum!!! But things pretty much settled down after that. Got my inai done and I was told to just sit still at home whilst everyone went out to do their own thing for the night. And I'm the sort of person who can't sit still for long. Especially when I have a bunch of little cousins to babysit!

Yes. My inai is already smudged.

Ok. Wish me all the best! And next time I'll be writing as a Mrs!!