21 September 2011

A Country Life

I'm sorry that I've been lazy. And I'm really sorry if you're still waiting for me to start writing about my wedding day for... ooooohh... urmmm... (uncomfortable silence)... (crickets chirping).... (counting my fingers to see if I've got 10 of 'em)... heh. *sheepish* Let's say it's been awhile. But I must congratulate you if you're still here and reading this! 

Here. Have a cake! I made it myself!

But to be honest. My life is boring at the moment. I'm bored. And maybe I am just making excuses for myself here but life in the UK is not as glamorous as people would've expected. Especially if said life involves being a full-time housewife/part-time student.

Plus, Mr Husband and I had just moved counties. We are now proud residents of Crewe Town! See how I wrote (town) and not (city). Liverpool is a city. Crewe is an ant crushed under the weight of a giant cookie of Liverpool. I could walk from one end of town to the other in an hour - if I brisk walk. It's definitely a country life here. There's a farm on the way to Mr Husband's hospital where I can go and feed the cows. But I suppose I should be thankful that it's not as country as a place with no supermarket. At least here if I get bored, I'd go to Morrisons and see what food I can deprive of myself today (*hint* I'm on a diet *end hint*). 

But the point here is that Crewe is small. And this translates to having less things to entertain me. On a good day, maybe I'd take a walk with Mr Husband to hospital. And maybe I'd go running for a bit. And maybe I'd take a stroll through the town center and just soak up the bustle of people doing their chores. Or maybe I'd go home, clean-up the house, do some laundry, fold more laundry, do some studying and cook dinner. And maybe at the end of a good day, I'd take a walk to the hospital and wait for Mr Husband to finish his shift and I'd sigh in relief that I have somebody else to talk to again. 

But to be completely and brutally honest? On a normal day, I'd sit in my pajamas at home and play Cityville on Facebook. That's how unglamorous my life is at the moment but I'm trying to push for a ratio of 7:3 of good vs normal days. I'm trying to be a bit more productive here so maybe you'll be seeing me blogging more!

Who knows?