17 March 2010


To me, there are 3 things that makes a wedding. Well... at least for MY wedding.
  1. Good food (and tons of desserts!)
  2. Good company (cherished families and friends)
  3. Fantastic music
In all honesty, all of the above points basically defines any good dates that I have had with my girlfriends whenever we hang-out at Delicious @ Dua Residency. I love 'live' music and I'm almost always there on a Thursday night (the quietest night), sitting back on their 2-seaters corner, a mug of hot coffee and their signature classic chocolate brownies and I'm sold!

But whatever it is: I love my music. I know my music. It varies a lot, depending on my mood most of the time. From folk-rock to acoustic to cheesy pop to classic blues. From Frank Sinatra and Rod Stewart to David Gray and Coldplay.

So when it comes to choosing songs for the wedding, I'm all glee and smiles because it's something that I love doing! And I had a head-start on it too since I started compiling songs since November! So of course, what eventually happened was that, my songlist got too long and I realised that not all of the songs are appropriate for weddings. Thus... self-censorship ensues!

So these are a few songs, that (sadly) did not make it to the final list:
  1. Still  -  Matt Nathanson
  2. Always  -  Switchfoot
  3. She's Got You High  -  Mumm-ra
  4. Yet  -  Switchfoot
  5. Baby, It's Fact  -  Hellogoodbye
  6. Falling Slowly  -  Glenn Hansard & Marketa Irglova
  7. Here Comes the Man  -  The Pixies
  8. Wonderwall  -  Oasis
  9. Collide  -  Howie Day
  10. Crazy Ever After  -  The Rescues
  11. Across the Universe  -  The Beatles
  12. Hey Jude  -  The Beatles
  13. Where We Gonna Go From Here  -  Matt Kearney
  14. Grow Old with You  -  Adam Sandler
  15. Come So Far (Got So Far To Go)  -  Hairspray OST
  16. In The Sun  -  Chris Martin & Michael Stipe
I have to admit these are far from your typical wedding soundtrack but I think that's the reason why I love them more! So after extensive consideration, 27 songs made it to the final playlist and even then, it has to go through another round of consideration by the wedding band and singer - especially since they are not familiar with most of the songs as well. (hehe....)

But do you want to have a sneak-peek at one of my MUST HAVE songs?

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