21 September 2011

A Country Life

I'm sorry that I've been lazy. And I'm really sorry if you're still waiting for me to start writing about my wedding day for... ooooohh... urmmm... (uncomfortable silence)... (crickets chirping).... (counting my fingers to see if I've got 10 of 'em)... heh. *sheepish* Let's say it's been awhile. But I must congratulate you if you're still here and reading this! 

Here. Have a cake! I made it myself!

But to be honest. My life is boring at the moment. I'm bored. And maybe I am just making excuses for myself here but life in the UK is not as glamorous as people would've expected. Especially if said life involves being a full-time housewife/part-time student.

Plus, Mr Husband and I had just moved counties. We are now proud residents of Crewe Town! See how I wrote (town) and not (city). Liverpool is a city. Crewe is an ant crushed under the weight of a giant cookie of Liverpool. I could walk from one end of town to the other in an hour - if I brisk walk. It's definitely a country life here. There's a farm on the way to Mr Husband's hospital where I can go and feed the cows. But I suppose I should be thankful that it's not as country as a place with no supermarket. At least here if I get bored, I'd go to Morrisons and see what food I can deprive of myself today (*hint* I'm on a diet *end hint*). 

But the point here is that Crewe is small. And this translates to having less things to entertain me. On a good day, maybe I'd take a walk with Mr Husband to hospital. And maybe I'd go running for a bit. And maybe I'd take a stroll through the town center and just soak up the bustle of people doing their chores. Or maybe I'd go home, clean-up the house, do some laundry, fold more laundry, do some studying and cook dinner. And maybe at the end of a good day, I'd take a walk to the hospital and wait for Mr Husband to finish his shift and I'd sigh in relief that I have somebody else to talk to again. 

But to be completely and brutally honest? On a normal day, I'd sit in my pajamas at home and play Cityville on Facebook. That's how unglamorous my life is at the moment but I'm trying to push for a ratio of 7:3 of good vs normal days. I'm trying to be a bit more productive here so maybe you'll be seeing me blogging more!

Who knows?

30 June 2011

I've settled in to life in Liverpool for a good 7 months now. (Time flies!)

And in that time-span: 
(other that the usual upkeep of the house and general welfare of Mr Husband and I)
  • I've re-organised this entire flat twice. 
  • Baked 4 party-sized cakes (and consume them by my lonesome)
  • Enrolled for ACCA classes
  • Went to said ACCA classes
  • Sat for said ACCA exams
  • Grown 4 herb plants (of which 1 died and the rest are in the process of dieing)
  • Had a family (the In-Laws) trip to Paris 
  • Still actively petitioning for a cat pet with Mr Husband
  • Barely runs ... hence consequential weight gain.

My exams were done 2 weeks ago to this day. And now I am bored. OUT OF MY MIND! 

So you can imagine why suddenly I am (not only) updating this blog but managed to get a new layout as well. I've picked up running again - although my fitness is too questionable for me to be proud of. And I was playing a lot of Guitar Hero on Mr Husband's Xbox when I first finished my exams... which ended with me having numb fingers for a few days - thus resulting to me stopping that particular activity. 

Plus, I am turning two-oh-six (*shhh... don't say it out loud!) on Monday and I am dreading it. I've never dread getting older as much I am right now. It's not just a mere number anymore. It's a case-in-point that I'm leaving my early twenties behind and encroaching on *GULP!* the big three-oh! (*shhh!!!)

Yes. I'm freaking out. I've never been much of a freak-out person but I'm freaking out for this. I'm hoping that baking a cake would tempt me to be complacent at least for awhile. Or am I just being irrational here?

15 March 2011

A year ago...

(Sorry! I'm still procrastinating and can't make up my mind on a new blog template. In the mean time, read on dear readers.... )

Exactly this time of year 365days ago, I was in Labuan on an outstation job with approx 3 weeks to go to my day. Yeah... you would've thought that I'd be nostalgic about my own wedding day but I had tons of fun during those 2 weeks in Labuan. 

My job was very much stress-free and on the clock 9 - 5 (very different to what I'd have to face on my usual assignments). I was staying in a nice hotel room FoC. Went running at the beach almost every evening. Cheap chocolates. Good companies. Good times. And the stress of the wedding day was out of my mind.

A year on, I'll be starting classes tomorrow. The weather here in Liverpool is chilly and dreary at times, but I'm just thankful that we've seen more bright sunny days than gloomy ones. I don't run as often as I'd like to anymore, but chocolates here are still cheap. (hee...) Less socializing and less friends here but I don't mind because I'm happily married and (finally!) together with dear Mr Husband. 

04 February 2011

Settling In

Settling in to Mr Hubby's apartment and coming up with our very own living arrangement - esp after being years apart - was definitely something to get used to. Especially when said Mr Hubby has been living a bachelor life in the said apartment for the past 6.5 years. For me, that also meant 6.5 years of mess to clean-up! 

So while Mr Hubby are off at work, I got down and dirty and spent a good part of 2 weeks(!!) cleaning up the place. This meant overhauling all storage spaces and reorganizing it, scrubbing down the kitchen and toilet, throw out old furnitures, donate a bunch of old clothes and shoes, and recycling just so so so much paperworks! But it's a well-worth effort really, and now that the place are all spruce up, both of us have been discussing of investing further in changing the wallpapers and windows, and installing a new bathroom in. So those are a few DIY projects coming up later this year.

We've also been doing some furniture shopping at IKEA with our biggest purchase being this new dining table set:

However, lugging it up 3 flights of stairs was not fun at all. (There was definitely much swearing going on on my part.) Originally we made plans to set-up the table together BUT on one boring afternoon (after all other chores are done) I decided to tackle the table myself. Heh.

The man in the manual seems just as confused as I am.

*cue psycho soundtrack* My weapon of choice.

My (would-be) victims.

The crime scene.

Ok. It wasn't that hard to do actually and I've always liked DIY-ing but the multiple hand-eye coordinations and the balancing act required to assemble this ONE chair took me ages to finish! But of course, in the economies of scale of things there is also the economies of skills. Or what normal people would've said that I learnt from experience and the next 3 chairs and a table took me just about 30 minutes to do.


The complete set.

14 January 2011


It's very rarely that I get sentimental over anything, but I heard this song by Anberlin yesterday and it struck me how perfect it would be as a wedding song! So I thought I'd share with the rest of the class. Enjoy!

Inevitable by Anberlin

"I want to be your last first kiss that you'll ever have."

Can't Take My Eyes Off You by Lady Antebellum

"I love when you tell me that I'm pretty when I just wake up."
"And I love how you tease me when I'm moody, but it's never too much."