19 June 2010

Official Songlist

I am very much a music person - although I must admit that I am not actually priviledge enough to claim that. But I like music and I can at least comfortably say that I know what I like - folk, acoustic and rock. So...2 weeks before the wedding I was to send over a songlist to Ezura ( of Ezura Entertainment ) so she can consider to play on the W-Day itself.

Now... I know I've mentioned this before  but coming up with a songlist was the easiest (and most fun!) part of the wedding planning. I know some brides would just throw in a Wedding Songs OST and be done with it. But I think a songlist is a perfect start to set a mood/ambience for your wedding. So I thought I'd help out all b2b out there by sharing my system in coming up with a songlist.

** Tip #1: Choose songs that you actually like listening to. Coming up with a songlist doesn't mean it has to be tacky with heavy fully-loaded ballads (100 Greatest Love Songs of All Time OST!!). Plus, sharing with your guests the sort of music that you appreciate will give your wedding a more personalised touch.


** Tip #2: Do consider the music taste of the oldies as well - ie. The Parents. Mix it up a bit, but your parents preference should never dominate yours. Just... be considerate enough so that the old people can still enjoy the music as well.

** Tip #3: Always go for light and easy. If you want upbeat, go for swing or jazz numbers. Poco-poco are always fun at a malay wedding but if possible avoid rock songs because it just kills the mood.

** Tip #4: Do self-censorship. After you've come up with a songlist, have a go at listening to all songs and be extra aware of the lyrics and its subtext. At least let the songs be PG-13.

** Tip #5: If you're hiring a band, please be mindful of the range of songs that the band can play. If possible, come up with an extensive list of songs and give to your band for their consideration. The band can't play songs they are not familiar with. So if you insist on having some particular songs played during your wedding, highlight these to your band so they can have enough time to practice and do their own music arrangements.

And now... without further ado, I present to you...

(Songs highlighted [*] are my personal favourite)
  1. * Back to You - John Mayer  >> Such wonderful song paired with such sultry voice! 
  2. * Virginia Moon - Norah Jones & Foo Fighters >> This is a wonderful (and unexpected) collab!
  3. * Sempurna - Andra & The Backbones >> I know it's overplayed at weddings but its all for a very good reason!
  4. * Kau Ilhamku - Manbai  >> A play on the word based on Hubby's name. This song is extra special to me because it dates back to before we were dating.
  5. Here Comes Your Man - Meaghan Smith >> If I had it my way, this would've been Hubby's entrance song.
  6. Like A Star - Corrine Bailey Rae
  7. Gravity - Sara Bareilles
  8. * Can't Take My Eyes Off of You - Lady Antebellum  >> I fell in love with the lyrics set against some simple chords and arrangements.
  9. Ingin Bersamamu - Tomok
  10. The Way - Clay Aiken  >> Thought I'd throw in a cheesy wedding song in there for the fun of it.
  11. You're In My Heart, You're In My Soul - Rod Stewart
  12. Till There Was You - Rod Stewart
  13. * For Sentimental Reasons - Rod Stewart >> One of my fav from his American Songbook album.  This song takes me back to a flat in Liverpool...
  14. * I'm Yours - Jason Mraz >> I know... another overplayed song.
  15. A Beautiful Mess - Jason Mraz
  16. Bintang-bintang - Bintang  >> No kidding.
  17. You Belong To Me - Michael Bubble
  18. This Moment - Shania Twain  >> Hubby loves her and had dedicated this song to me on numerous occasion. Thought he'd appreciate it being on the songlist.
  19. Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Bubble
  20. Dancing In The Moonlight - Toploader
  21. Fly Me To The Moon - Frank Sinatra
  22. All The Way - Celine Dion & Frank Sinatra  >> Another classic collab!
  23. What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
  24. Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond  >> This is such a fun song. If you're a Gleek, you'd know which epi this came from....
  25. Beautiful - Trading Yesterday
  26. You Make It Real - James Morrison
  27. * Baby It's Fact - HelloGoodbye  >> Another fun upbeat song. This song always makes me smile.
  28. All We Are - Matt Nathanson
  29. * Loving You - Paolo Nutini
  30. * She's Got You High - Mumm-Ra  >> I blame 500 Days of Summer OST. This song is addictive!
  31. * Always - Switchfoot

The list are extensive but I know I've put enough of myself into it when my friends came over to me after the wedding and commented that the songlist are so... ME! And I was so happy to hear this and know I've succeed in sharing my musical experience with those who came.

And wouldn't it be more fulfilling if I could make this into a CD and slip it inside a personalised cover sleeve as a wedding favor?

You can download the template for the above CD sleeve for free!


  1. Ainun!
    (u igt i lg ke?)
    have i said congratulations formally kt u!

    u genius!! bagi cd lagu as wedding favor menarik2, i'd probably have a listen to ur playlist before personalising it, hmm~

    hope all is well with u :)

  2. i too, love music. i am in the midst of compiling wedding sing but in a blur as i do not know many malay song to accompany my so-westernized wed song list, as my fiance called it. :)

    ainun, care to share some of good malay song and absolutely the 80's rock kapak songs is a turned off.

  3. Myra: of course i remember you! thanks for the wishes!!

    moose: to be honest, i'm just as blur when it comes to compiling malay wedding songs. but i think when you're just as lost, p.ramlee and sean ghazi are safe bets. just my opinion: go with what you know. have fun compiling your songlist!

  4. salam, hi i've just bump into ur blog.
    This list is great..beautiful. Thanks for sharing.I suddenly nak download n listen to it.