22 March 2010

Of buttons and bags

Good morning girls!! Just a quick entry today because I'm rushing off to work now! (sempat lagi...) Anyways, thanks for all the suggestions for the videographers! Really appreciate it. Hopefully I'll be able to get in touch with one of them soon and confirm it by end of the week. But I've just been sooo busy!!! With work... socials... weddings...

Ok. Now the purpose of this entry is also to ask for more help. I'm on the look-out for these 2 items:

Silk-flowers boutonnoires

(borrowed this from sputnik who borrowed it from SMP)

(bottom pic courtesy of Unaisah. Isn't it cute that they have the 'moustache' piccie?)

Cloth favor bags

(picture courtesy of The Knot)

I've been thinking of having the boutonnaires as a 'corsage' (sort-of) for my family members and close friends. Does anyone knows where I can find it in bundles? As for the cloth bag... saw a sample at Bangsar yesterday, and since all the favors has arrived at my house and we've yet to have any ideas on how to package it... thinking of having a plain small cloth bag to put it all in and just get a stamp and DIY it with me and hubby's name on top of it.

Btw... have I mentioned that I've only 2 weeks (!!!!) left to WeeDay? So any help is very very much appreciated!


  1. OMG babe.. u only have 2 weeks and u still have a lot to do..
    since u dont have much time left, i think your idea of the plain cloth bag and stamp will do. u should order your stamp now and i guess it will be really quick to get your favors done once u bought the bag and just stamp it.
    as for buttonnoires, i love it but i dunno where to get it as well.. hehe. lemme know if u know where to get it cox i might opt for that idea as well..
    anyhow, all the best for your wedding!

  2. dear... I hope you know where to get the cloth bag in large amount on a short notice because it'll involve insane amount of effort to do it in less than 2 weeks *esp if you are still working at the same time*

    I hav no idea where to get the cloth back. The silk flower I suggest you go to the Curve Let tresor galleria - they can do in bulk but usually you need to inform and book from her earlier.. I think I did a post on it on my blog before long time ago.. at the end I did not take her but DIY with artificial flowers and glue gun it to pins ( I bought the flowers & pins from nilai 3)

  3. babe..kat ne u jumpa clothesbag in bangsar tu? which area? mind sharing? tq. :)

  4. your wedding is in 2 weeks?? same as mine! good luck to both of us love :))

  5. babe - I went through my previous posts..
    it's not like silk flowers you want to but if you want flowers laa..
    but I didn't take them at the end cos I last2 DIY jer..


  6. hee... thanks for all the advices girls!

    aurinh: will definitely check out the shop one of these nights! thanks for the tips.

    elly and elle: found the bag at Bangsar Shopping Center, at the ground floor dessert section. Heard from a friend that i can get it in Nilai 3 but that place is soo far! still looking out for somewhere nearby... maybe Jln TAR? SSF?

    Ami: good luck to you too dear! all the best for your wedding!