26 October 2009

Step 1: Admit that you have a problem

Still a NO-GO on the wedding plans yet. I seriously don't know what to do! or where to start! The Parents (yup... all 4 of 'em) finally got together last weekend to confirm the dates. So we're doing the receptions over 2 weekends then - 1 for the bride side, and the next one for the groom. I'll keep the dates hush-hush for now, to keep the element of surprise (as if!).

So now that we've firmed up the dates, next thing on my list is to find a venue - and I'm creating a war out of this. Refer to my previous post. It's going to drag on for a good while unless someone puts their feet down on it... or something... and 'You-Know-Who' told me to just raise the white flag. Let it be. Since The Parents are footing for the bill, I should let them spend it however they want - even if it means spending more of it than I would be comfortable with.

And I'm starting to care even less nowadays. I don't care if they want to book a hotel or a dewan.. as long as we can make some sort of progress soon! I really don't want to drag this out for so long because I'm perfectly aware that I'll be busybusybusy starting December till March, and I won't have the time to make wedding plans. HOWEVER... I'm not budging from the idea of making a grand entrance or sitting on a damn 'dais' and putting up fake, plastic, too-polite smiles for people. I don't really understand why people want to do it... having the spotlight on you, people staring and judging... I know I'd be uncomfortable with all those attention. I worry that I might do something stupid... like... literally ROTFLOL. (And if you don't understand that, I meant rolling on the floor laughing out loud.)

And I'm pretty sure I'm just creating all these scenarios and dramas in my head. But can you blame me?

20 October 2009

Cancer bride?

Well.... every bride-to-be have to start somewhere at some point right? So I thought I'd turn to the stars for some guidance.

Erm... FYI: I am not a romantic, sentimental, traditional nor feminine kind of person. But I thought 'What's Important to You' got it dead-on. Food & music makes the best wedding! I'm thinking of investing in an acoustic band. And get one or two close friends to sing for my wedding. That'd be so cute. I've got a songlist in my head already and Rod Stewart and Manbai are part of the gang!

18 October 2009

When Life gives me Lemons, I'd buy Apples

I can't believe I'm actually doing this: setting-up an entire blog on my wedding-to-be. I find this embarrasingly cliche and sooo... un-me. Why? Because I am not a bride. I am not the sort of person who enjoys weddings. I am not the sort of person who likes organizing and planning frivolous details of what will cultimates to be the wedding day of my life. Most of the time I wish I could just elope and have a small dinner party for those closest and dearest. Most of the time I wish that I am a physics major (instead of being a blasted accountancy graduate), have a brain of Einstein, invent a time-machine and transport myself one year from this point of time, just so that I could avoid this dreaded wedding.

No. Don't take me wrong. I do want to get married but that's the problem isn't it? A marriage is the religious/civil symbolism of uniting two persons together as partners for life. A wedding on the other hand, is a celebration of said union. And although I am up for celebration, my idea of it is represented by said marriage itself. To me, a successful marriage is the best way to celebrate this union in the first place. Oh... who am I kidding?? I will never be able to escape this!

So thus born my desperate need to setting-up this blog. I have... 164 days to WeeDay... which is approximately 5 months. The date is set to be on 3rd or 4th of April 2010. Yes, you've read that right. We haven't even finalise the date yet! O.m.g. I never even realised that I am that behind schedule. And I am starting from scratch. I've got nothing on me right now and I feel sooo naked. I'd be a naked bride if I don't start any plans soon!

So hear me out dear readers:
If you have recently gotten married, or will be getting married, or are involved in this whole wedding she-bang in this lovely state of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia... please please please ... drop me an email or any comments below. I will be chronicling my anxieties and dramas on a weekly-basis... or even daily!... if this whole mess don't clear-up soon.

The only reason I'm in this much trouble is because my parents and I don't share the same ideals for this said wedding. Like I mentioned, if it was completely up to me, I'd run away with this entire wedding in my bag, and drop it off somewhere inappropriate where people will glare at me and 'tsk-tsked' at me in such a manner to shame me. Ah well...

Life is all about Apples and Lemons right?