05 May 2010

A 'bimbo' moment

I got a surprise call from Hubby last night. It was a surprise because it was only 3.30pm where he is (10.30pm KL time) and he's supposed to be working. And I had a totally 'bimbo' moment because when I picked-up the call, the first thing he said was "Happy 1st month anniversary!!"
And my reply was: "What anniversary?"

It had never crossed my mind that I've been married for a month now! I've stopped counting down the days and months and years of us being together a long time ago, and it had been just too easy to fall back into steps of my day-to-day routine now that we're apart again. So, in my defense, it was also too easy for me to forget that I'm actually married (I still tend to refer him as my boyfriend in conversations), and I'm not romantic enough to actually celebrate anniversaries in the 1st place.

But still... this is a step towards a lifetime together. So, happy anniversary dearest! Love you lots!!

04 May 2010

The Invitation Cards (Part I)

I feel kinda embarrassed that it took me so long to write about my invitation cards. But after reading about a fellow b2b predicament over her wedding invites (read :: Yes I Do ), it reminded me a lot of my own bridezilla moment. And you know something... despite having it done so last minute and having to rushed the editings and printings in such a short amount of time, I still adore my invitation card 100%.

Now meet the team that made it all possible (and saved the day!) : Warna Inspirasi.

It must've been fated for them to make my wedding invitation cards. Why? Well... prior to my meltdown moment post-Jakarta, I'd already bookmarked them as a potential vendor simply for their cute and simple designs, as well as the general enthusiasm towards prints which I can really appreciate. Post-Jakarta + bridezilla moment, I found out that the team is a relative of a friend of my mother's! What a coincidence! Obviously, I did a bit of prodding and asked my mum to ask for a favor. A few phonecalls and text messages later and I've a vendor! You have no idea how grateful I was that somebody was willing to take my order so last minute!

Most of our communications were done via email. In the early process, they needed to come-up with a design first. Since this was so last minute, I'd decided that I was willing to compromise on my ideal card design and just go with a simple 2-fold envelope card.

(photo courtesy of CahayaKad)

(photo courtesy of Kanda & Dinda)

To save further time on designs, we had utilised an existing embossed template for the borders. And as for the wordings inside, I saved further editing time by going through a few wedding invites that I had kept as reference, re-typed the ones that I liked into Words, and format everything else - from the font and font sizes, bolds and italics, to the alignments and spacings. Then I sent it to the team, and it was just a matter of cut & paste from there onwards. Of course, I still needed to double-check everything so it was ok and gotten the stamp of approval from parents.

The one that took time was the direction map itself as we had requested a new design, as compared of using the ones provided by the caterer at KGPA. Me and my mum had spent some time trying to analysing and editing the map as we were expecting guests from outside of KL who are most probably not familiar with the roads here. So it's important to have clear directions to/from the main highways.

Now the tricky bit: the colours. As previously discussed with my mum, we wanted to go with a greenish-blue colour for the card itself, to wrap around the entire theme of the wedding. But we'd never actually sat down and decided on the specific colour per se. In fact, choosing the colours came at the very end of the process, just before printing. And since we were so rushed to go into printing, I'd made the decision based on my own interpretation  - and totally without my mother's prior approval!   

Obviously, I did not tell my mother about this till the point that the card was delivered to her very hand (I was outstation at the time). I heard her disapproval over the phone loud and clear. And there I was panicking, thinking the worst. And the moment I got home and saw the cards? Well... you can read my first-hand reaction in this post :: here.

I still love it despite my parents dissapproval. And I know I made the right decision when I see the delight on my friends faces when I give them the cards, and the way they gush on how striking and cute it is. Well, I'll let you be the judge of that.

the front

the inside

the inlays
(all designs are copyright of Hazco Print @ 2010)

03 May 2010


I'm sorry I don't mean to brag but..... don't you think these are absolutely GORGEOUS??

I love my colourful lanterns! It sets the perfect backdrop and theme for the wedding, and I just totally adore all those bright colours! And of course, I must thank the ever lovely (and cute!) Kak Wanie & the KK Team , for making it all possible. It's amazing how she can just read my mind on the hanging lantern idea and totally ran away with it, leaving me breathless with the outcome.