09 February 2010

Bridezilla Moment #1

Ask any of my friends - I'm the coolest bride there can ever be. Not in any 'popular' terms though, but in the context that I don't worry so much about the wedding preparation. WeeDay is 2 months down the road and what have I achieved? *silence* See? Even I don't know what I've done thus far!

But I'd like to say that I'm level-headed. I don't sweat the small stuff. I only see the big picture. At the end of the day, it's the solemnization of the marriage that matters. And that's all I've ever wanted - to be married.

So, my preparation thus far has only been to cover the basics. Get the vendors, confirm some details, and I'll let other people do the worrying. And here I was thinking that when I sent my mother to Jakarta to order the wedding invitation cards, I'd have one less thing to worry.


The vendor just came back to us yesterday with a mock-up and O.M.G (!!). It looked nothing like I wanted! I approached my mum about it and apparently my dad had managed to intervene and decided on another type of card instead. *smack!* There's a reason why I sent my mother and not rely on my father, because I absolutely cannot rely on his taste (Tolongla.. no kerawang2!). But we are sooo not going ahead with having our cards printed at Jakarta, I'm making sure of that.

And now I have to start at square ONE. Called-up a few vendors this morning and they mentioned that due to upcoming busy wedding season, it'll take about 4 - 5 weeks for printing. *sigh* I want to feel angry but then I'd be guilty over it later. I wanted to order the cards months ago, but parents kept insisting on getting the cards done at Jakarta and now look where we are.

Coming from wanting to get a custom-made card, I'll just have to settle for anything that is fast and cheap. Any ideas/suggestions/help out there? It would be so so so very much appreciated!



  1. babe, which vendor from jakarta did ur mother go?

  2. it's a company called Unique Design & Printing.

  3. try http://ilikecard.blogspot.com/

    or if you check out Ratu Sehari latest edition there's this one paper company yang produce amazing cut-out cards: http://sunflower.com.my/#
    kat website diorang takde gambar yg best sgt but do check out it's outlet kat The Curve.

    All the best!

  4. Hi Ainun, A good alternative is to find yourself a designer who's willing to design it for you (friends or somesort) once the design is ready, i can intro u to some printers in PUDU and u can get it printed faster and cheaper =P just a thought.


  5. i'm with AMI, both ilikecard and marryme2u, are very reliable..i did my card with ilikecard, ohh i'm so in love..hehehe..

  6. when come to printing and design mmg sakit kepala pk...unless kita dpt duduk sebelah printing guy then tgk result sendiri...yup hantar kt Jln Pudu je :P