10 December 2010

We're lacking some candid

There was this instance a week before my wedding where Kak Wanie had asked to have some pictures of me and Mr Hubby together to put-up at our guest book corner and my reaction was like.. "Ummm..." 

I had to physically pause and rack my brain because throughout our LDR, we very seldom take much pictures together. And it doesn't help that he's so camera shy and he doesn't approve of my cam-whoring ways!

Now the wedding have come and gone, and we've taken hundreds (maybe thousands?) of pictures together. But there is still a sense of something lacking in the pictures because I realized that when both of us are all made-up and glam-up in our bride and groom attires, it doesn't scream US. It's lacking that chemistry and natural candidness that only comes out when we're together in our own private space. And I can't point my finger on whether it was the occasion itself or maybe the lack of spontaneity in the photographer's picture-taking skills but 8 months down the road I am left with feeling unfulfilled. 

So when I heard that Udey Ismail will be coming up to UK next April for a tour, I messaged him straight away to check his available dates in Liverpool. I've always loved his work, and I would love to work with him in a photography session. And April being Springtime(hopefully), there will be some gorgeous landscape that we can work on. It's still a long way away, and at the moment, the package is a bit costly for  just the two of us so I'm trying to manipulate it to a family photography session instead. But Mr Hubby still need tons of convincing....

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  1. i felt the same about my thousands of wedding photos too :) both of us suck at posing and in the end we told the photog to just take candid photos of us since the posing is so kayu. what did we get? lots of photos of our behinds :P

    grab that package!