12 June 2010

To my best girlfriend:

This post is dedicated to my best girlfriend because I know, without her, I'd be absolutely lost in my wedding preparations.

To my darling Hazlind. Thank you for accompanying me to all the bridal boutiques - from Wangsa Maju to Shah Alam - you were always willing to come with me, and help me with all your opinions and suggestions. Thank you for listening to me rant on and on about all my wedding plans, for letting me unburden all my stressfull days to you whenever I had some disagreements with my mum. Thank you for always be so willing to help me out for my wedding day. Thank you for being there every step of the way - whenever I had doubts on which shoes to get or which 'tudung' to buy - you were always so willing to sacrifice your time (and petrol!) for me. And I always love spending time with you, and I always appreciate and respect your opinions and suggestions.

Thank you for singing at my wedding. I'm so sorry that I didn't get to hear you sing properly. And I can't believe we don't have a proper shot together on my wedding day!! But I'm so glad that you get to be my pengapit on my nikah day because there is no one else I'd rather have to be beside me on my big day.

Thank you for everything and I know I haven't covered enough for all that you've done for me. I hope that one day, when you finally found your special someone, I can be there on your big day too.


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