26 April 2010

Life resumes

3 weeks married and we have now resumed what was previously a long-distance relationship, now a long-distance marriage. But it wasn't as hard to let go of him yesterday as compared to all the previous times when I have to see him off at KLIA. Well... okay... partly it was because both of our parents were there (can't cry too much!) but mostly because I've become accepting of this distance and I know that this will be the final time we'll be separated.

So... life goes on....

Sorry haven't been writing in for awhile. I have so many to tell and so many people to thank for but.... I'm still waiting for the pictures!!! Damn... does it really take so long?

Will try and update as and when I've time and collected some pictures from friends and family. So don't give up on this blog yet!

I'll be back!!


  1. Hi Ainun,wedding pic mmg lama...at least 3 month after ur big day....so kena sabar2 skit la...then bagi diorang masa utk edit n albumkan cantik2...huhu...

  2. hehe... thanks kak wanie. will try to bersabar! ;)