18 August 2010

I'm Flying!

In about... an hour's time, I'll be boarding on a plane to Manchester baby! (ok... technically, I'll be flying into Dubai first for a transit before I'll be officially flying to the general direction of UK)

I'm going on a short trip to visit The Hubster and celebrate 2 weeks of Ramadhan together since we won't be able to celebrate our first Aidilfitri together as a married couple. Yeah... it sucks... but after being in a long distance relationship for so long, I've learnt to give and take. So this trip is the next best thing to nothing and I'm grateful to be able to spend time with The Hubster, no matter how little it is.

So consider this a quick and short update. Sorry for being AWOL for a bit there, but I'm hoping that with some spare time on hand in the coming week, I'll be able to re-organize myself and post some (belated) updates on the wedding. So feel free to drop a comment on what you guys want to read. Anything at all! Don't be shy 'kay.

See you guys on the other side!

1 comment:

  1. eh chup! u LDR juga kah? u're flying to UK sekejap je or staying there terus since you encik Suami is there ;D

    apa pun, safe journey and have a blessed Ramadhan Ainun n Hubby! :D