15 March 2011

A year ago...

(Sorry! I'm still procrastinating and can't make up my mind on a new blog template. In the mean time, read on dear readers.... )

Exactly this time of year 365days ago, I was in Labuan on an outstation job with approx 3 weeks to go to my day. Yeah... you would've thought that I'd be nostalgic about my own wedding day but I had tons of fun during those 2 weeks in Labuan. 

My job was very much stress-free and on the clock 9 - 5 (very different to what I'd have to face on my usual assignments). I was staying in a nice hotel room FoC. Went running at the beach almost every evening. Cheap chocolates. Good companies. Good times. And the stress of the wedding day was out of my mind.

A year on, I'll be starting classes tomorrow. The weather here in Liverpool is chilly and dreary at times, but I'm just thankful that we've seen more bright sunny days than gloomy ones. I don't run as often as I'd like to anymore, but chocolates here are still cheap. (hee...) Less socializing and less friends here but I don't mind because I'm happily married and (finally!) together with dear Mr Husband.