08 July 2010

What do you do with your dress now that the wedding is over?

So now that the wedding is over, what do you do with your lovelylovely dress?
Yes. The very one that you've painstakingly dreamt of since you were a lil girl. 

I wore it to play my Guitar Hero.

.... and also to fool around in front of a camera.

Light blue french lace and gray satin - one of my 'hantaran' when I first gotten engaged. My lil' sister chose the materials and color combination. She was 10 years old at the time. Me? I was sitting at one of the sofa, curing a massive headache looking at all those cloths! (Can you tell that I dislike shopping?)

The solemnization outfit was desgined and tailored by none other than Unaisah.

She's such a lovely lady! I met her 3 times and she was nothing but polite and helpfull the entire time. Despite getting the attire the day before my solemnization, I had absolute trust in her handywork. I know some brides would throw a fit or a tantrum if their dress is not yet ready so close to the WeeDay, but I wanted Unaisah to actually enjoy making my dress instead of slaving over it. Because it is obvious that she loves doing what she does, and I am honoured to be able to wear one of her handyworks.

Thanks so much Unaisah!

PS: Still waiting for my wedding pictures from Ariff. *sigh* I can't believe it's been 3 months and I have yet to see the unedited pictures!! Should I throw a tantrum?