02 November 2010

My Wedding Planner!

When I first got engaged and the wedding dates were confirmed to be sometime in April, I knew for sure that I needed a wedding planner because:
  1. I'm too busy with work to have enough time to spare to coordinate all wedding matters.
  2. My family are inexperienced. I am (after all) the first to be married in the family.
  3. I have very little care about wedding details. 
I have never been one of those girls who dreams about their perfect wedding day. I never had a vision of white wedding lace and veils and flowers and... well, you get the picture. So I never really had an idea of what I want my wedding to be like. 

But I like simplicity. I like clean fresh colours. And after doing some research and asking other b2bs out there, I concluded that I really(really)really like Kerja Kahwin's style. 

Working alongside Kak Wanie has been nothing short of wonderful. When I told her that I planned to hire her as a wedding planner, she was quick and thoughtful to come up with detailed lists and itineraries that would be useful for me. She made the arrangements for all other  things that are required of weddings - even things that I would never have thought of! She coordinates, she made time-lines and she'd even make reminders for me for payment schedules and any other appointments that I needed to attend. And she was very aware of my busy schedule, so we made an arrangement such that any ideas that I have for my wedding, I'll post it on this blog so that she could use it to come up with the concept and deco. How convenient is that! Plus, I've never been very particular about wedding decorations and I have absolute trust in Kak Wanie's vision of my wedding. 

So having her on my side has made my wedding day that much more enjoyable. I need not worry about anything at all (well.. except for that hiccups in regards to the band) and the wedding had turned out beautifully! 

So this post is of course a special dedication to Kak Wanie and her KK team. 
(from the bottom of my heart)

And to share, here are a few of my favorites from KK's website:


  1. Hi a.i.n.u.n (is this how to spell ur name or can i spell ainun?hehe)
    Salam,I'm lisa.b2b too.just start creating my wedding blog.hihi. I baca post u pasal wedding planner, same like u, anak 1st kawin,sulung,n mak i pn tatau cmne nk handle benda2 ni.i pulak tak kreatif.like u said, tak pndai bab2 deco n concept semua ni.hihi..
    Yes,i pun suka kerja kawin.simple yet beautiful.hope i can hire them too in future.hehe

    pst..i link u bole?

  2. AINUN, i br baca this entry.THANK YOU SO MUCH.SGT TERHARU