25 February 2010

Sorry I Couldn't Help Myself...

... but... I've been looking at pictures of wedding dresses again! I actually miss this. That point in time towards planning your wedding where you would just google for pictures and ideas for hours! So last night, during my graveyard shift (*panda eyes*) I found this one local website which just compiles tons and tons of wedding dresses pictures and ideas!  Here's a few that caught my eyes and which I so much adore! Wish I had found this website sooner.

I love the dress on the right. The empire waist with streamline A-cut gives off such a simple and elegant silhouette!

Love the ones on the right!A classic empire with silk-chiffon layering.

Can somebody please make their dress like the one of the left? I'd totally want to see it on somebody, and it would look great in a soft pastel color. The tapering of the skirt is gorgeous!

This one has such a lovely neckline and back details. And a full lace dress is simple divine! (and expensive!)

Layered skirts - a preview of things to come! (^__^)

I saved this picture because the lace material on the right is similar to the one proposed by my reception dress designer - so I wanted to see how it'd look like eventually.
But did you notice the headpiece? Been thinking of having it as a replacement for a hijab during solemnization ceremony in the mosque. Will forward this to my dressmaker straight away!

Like what you see? Do check out more @  Wedding Inspirasi.
(and no.. this is not a sponsored post!)


  1. i pun suka sangat yang last tu, save jugak kot2 nak buat baju raya ke apa haha

  2. cantik! tapi mereka tinggi. nama pun model. pakai ape pun cantik. *sigh*