24 February 2010

Busy Bee

I've just been soo bogged down with work lately that I feel like crying. And on top of my 18-hours shift in the office, I also have been chassing down vendors and finalising some WeeDay details before I fly-off for outstation job next week. But of course, in hindsight, my manager did ask (nicely) if I want to skip this job instead but... it's a great working + travelling opportunity here that I don't intend to pass-off!
(no... I'm not a workaholic. I just like eating airplane food and staying in hotel room which I don't have to pay for.)

Ok. Enough of my personal drama. Let's see what I've been up to these past week!

Nikah dress: Met-up with the dressmaker (Tralila! A recent fav amongst WeeLoggers. Try to guess who!) last Saturday for a mock-fitting. The toile was a perfect fit and needed very little adjustments. She showed me the finalised sketch and the rough beading works and it's beautiful! Can't wait!!

Reception dress: This one was a bit tricky. Had to chase down the boutique's designer so that we could finalise the materials and concept. Finally met-up last night and it was a brief meeting since she seems busy. Saw the materials. Love the materials. Just a bit dissappointed that the designer does not have enough imagination to expand the choices for lace. It'll be off-white as discussed and she'll provide some colorful accessories for me. (Yay!) Still in love with the fact that it's below my budget.

Invitation card: Finally finalised the wordings, colours and paper materials. Yay! Hopefully will be able to get it printed and delivered to my doorstep by end of next week. In the meantime, have requested and currently compiling addresses for the invitees.

Favors: Sending my mother to Jakarta again this Friday with specific instructions for the favors. I don't trust liasing with the contact person in Jakarta. Finally decided on what we're distributing, and my mum's friend is just too happy to volunteer her expertise to do up the favors. (Her telur pahar is just the most exquisite thing I've ever seen!)

Wedding Music Band: Met up with Ezura (of Ezura Entertainment) last Sunday. Discussed the possible range of songs that I'm interested in having for the wedding, and I love the fact that she's very open with any range of music (except for rock!). Currently happily compiling songlists for her (Tralilalila...).

Cake: Ideas communicated to Kak Wanie (mostly via this blog). Hopefully I can get it as I'd dream of.

Photographer: Basically I've decided on who to take, but he's getting married this weekend so cannot 'kacau'. In the meantime, I've been happily browsing through some other photog's website and asking for quotes. Menggatal...  (^__^)

Decorations & Pelamin: My ideas and concept have been roughly communicated to Kak Wanie, and so far from our meeting last Sunday, I'm very excited and happy with her ideas. Can't wait! Hopefully will be meeting up again this weekend with the full sketches and mocks and etc.

Want to know what else I've been up to? Busily reading all the other B2B blogs!! Huge congratulations to all who had gotten married these past 2 weeks! And a big shout-out to Amy, Sab and Ashylla for tying their special, huge knots and sharing their wedding day journey with us lots. And I also just want to say ganbatte(!) to Diah after bumping into her jogging at KLCC Park last Friday.  Too bad I've been too busy this week to join her...