02 February 2010

February Checklist

That's the number of weeks I have left before my W-Day. Is this for real? I feel like I've hardly covered the basics! But before we move on to more rambles and chaos of my wedding preparation...

Let's see how much I've done on my JANUARY CHECKLIST:
  1. Start doing up my paperworks.  + Much thanks to my father for handling this despite both of our busy schedule.
  2. Order wedding invitation cards
  3. Confirm make-up artist
  4. Confirm photographer (too many choices! don't know how to choose!)
  5. Search for reception dress at bridal boutiques.
  6. Start ordering wedding favours (soo many ideas...!)
  7. Get all my families and dayang-dayang materials for clothes and organizing them for wedding
  8. Look-out for live band for reception
  9. Finish shopping for 'hantaran'
  10. Make plans for 'Singles Retreat' with the girlfriends
  11. Get sample measurement for hubby's 'baju melayu'
5 out of 11?? That's bad.... It means I have to put more pressure on myself for this month!

  1. Order wedding invitation card  + Am sending my mother to Jakarta this week to order the cards and some wedding favors.
  2. Confirm photographer  + still pening
  3. Start ordering wedding favors  + Have a bunch of ideas! Remind me to share them with you girls.
  4. Look-out for live band for reception  + Have a few recommendations from Kak Wanie of KK but still open for other recommendations.
  5. Finish shopping for 'hantaran'  + Actually bought most of the stuffs already except for 2 or 3 other stuffs.
  6.  'Singles Retreat' with the girlfriends  + Have a small vacay with the girls this CNY but not all are going, so planning another trip or just a day out somewhere.
  7. Finalise decorations ideas with Kak Wanie of KK
  8. Send materials to dressmaker for my nikah  outfit.
  9. Fitting and finalising concept for my wedding dress.
  10. Confirm caterer and canopy for nikah ceremony
  11. Book honeymoon (??)  + Havent confirmed with hubby yet.
  12. To lose 2kg!! + Have to force myself to start training for marathon already.
Hopefully I can start announcing my official vendors soon!


  1. wah..tersusun ni. i pun kna wat monthly to-do list la. senang nak keep track.hihi

  2. cant wait for vendors list nnt! hehe