08 February 2010

Big vs small (??)

When it comes to choosing photographer for my WeeDay, I try to avoid the Big Names (oh... you know exactly who they are). Why? Well... with Big Names comes Big Price. And yes, the quality speaks for itself - but don't you think the results sometimes tend to look the same as well? (Esp the cliche wedding shoe photos! What's up with that?)

So... when it comes to choosing photographer for my WeeDay, I tend to look at smaller (and perhaps?) up-and-coming names. Most of them are apprentices to those Big Names, while some others have been long in the industry but just hasn't had the opportunity to get big just yet.

Random Fact #1: Did you know that Kudegraphy has only been doing wedding photography for less than a year? But the team is known internationally now! Check this out: JuneBugWeddings.

Plus, it's a sure bonus the fact that they're starting out small, their packages tends to be (very) competitive as well. And really... the quality of their photos are just as good as the Big Names!

Here's my shortlist of potential photographers. I'm having a hard-time trying to choose just ONE!

The first wedding photographer I fell in love with.
(ps: the picture above was from my friend's wedding that he had done in Putrajaya)

Random Fact #2: Did you know that Fad is the official photographer for our local act Hujan? He is also in the same gang as Udey of MU, so you can see them working together sometimes.

He has been in the industry for 7 years now, so you can count on him for experience.
And I love the fact that he has a fish-eye lense.

Random fact #3: Ariff gives you a better rate if you join his facebook group. (^__^)

You may know him as the man behind Sweet Pictures (I googled him from the latest ed. of Ratu Sehari).
And if you're getting married this April, there's a promo waiting for you!


  1. well said babe..me will look 4 'smaller names' too..yelaa big names come wit big price like u said,result lbh krg je aite?n yes,we shud spend lbh cket kat photography cos kenangan seumor idop tu..but then biarlaa berbaloi n tgk our budget aite?;)

  2. babe i say go for Kudegraphy !!
    pic dia sgt meletopss...and he is Atim's classmate kat MMU dulu..the result pasti WOW!

  3. thanks a lot for this post. i will ask my bf to check them out.

  4. hi blogwalking here.
    i bumped fad manaf in FB, and he is my old friend. suprisingly he is a photographer now and his work are awesome!
    i, too, have same thought like you. too many photographers out there, and i dont know who im gonna choose.seriously clueless.