11 February 2010

Wedding Blues

.... or should I say "Blue Weddings" ? I've been doing a lot of blog - walking, hopping, skipping, running, strolling... (etc... etc...) ever since I came into the wedding scene and it was hard not to miss that the theme colour of 2009/2010 has been none other than... *drumroll*.....

Ms Tiffany Blue! 

Now, Ms Tiffany Blue would like to say her thank yous' to Tiffany & Co for the opportunity to become the ambassador for their jewellery box, to Audrey Hepburn for immortalizing the name in cinematic history and to all brides who has nominated and choosen her as the wedding theme colour of 2009/2010. But with a heavy heart, Ms Tiffany Blue would also like to announce her early retirement and make way for her younger (and less popular) cousins.

And without further ado, "A&L" proudly presents a.i.n.u.n.'s official colour theme(S)!

For solemnization/nikah ceremony



Antique French Library by Project Wedding

Romantic Blue by Perfect Palette

For Reception #1: Bride's


source: GWS

For Reception #2: Groom's

source : The Party Dress

His family had just decided on their colour theme last weekend, so that's why I was confident to announce all my colour themes now! Never expected them to go with blue again, but have to say that I absolutely {heart} their choice! But... be straight with me though... do you think there's just too much blues?

(PS: Ok... so this is not a wedding cake post, but it is still pretty cool right? Was too excited not to share this ASAP but I promise - cross my heart - that the next post will definitely be a cake post. )

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