18 February 2010

Simple, Rustic & Home-made

When it comes to wedding cakes, I love it rustic and home-made and slathered with a generous topping of swiss meringue buttercream. And I also love variety - being able to enjoy different kind of cakes.

source: GWS

Because cakes are meant to be eaten - all part of it. It's not meant to be disposed (*ehem*fondant*ehem*) or fake (*ehem*dummy*ehem*) just for the sake of looking pretty. And it's not meant to be grandieur (*ehem*eight-tiers??*ehem*) only to be binned later on.

I want to be able to share my cakes with my guests, and I want them to enjoy it as much as I do (being the cake-loving person that I am). So when it comes to deciding my wedding cake designs, flavours and concept, it was one of the easiest choice I've ever made.

source (from top): theknot, ratukek, signaturecupcakes, misscreativecakes

3 cakes. 3 flavours. 3 separate tiers. And fresh flowers. And maybe... after the cake-cutting ceremony, I'd have the cakes transferred to the dessert table so that it'll be easily accessible to my guests. Well.. that is, after I've had my fair-share of the cakes itself. (^__^)

(Q: So how many times have you eaten cake at a wedding? Seriously.)


  1. huhu..they look yummy and for sure we as a guest drooled by looking at the cakes..unfortunately, none of them are meant to be eaten =(

  2. answer: i never had the chance to eat any of the cakes displayed at wedding. oh well, maybe just once.