22 February 2010

More Wedding Cakes!

I just had a sit-down with Kak Wanie and my mum this evening and we had quite a lengthy discussion about the wedding cake. (psst... btw... am super excited about the decorations ideas from Kak Wanie!! Can't wait to see the sketches!) I was trying to explain to them the concept of my ideal wedding cakes, which is meant to be shared with the guests. And I had an idea for the presentation to be somewhat like this:

Separate cakes presented on different levels. Of course, we'd be cutting the highest (and smallest!) ones.

But Mum worries that once we'll have it for a 'free-for-all' ala buffet style, the cakes will get messy and not be pretty anymore. She even tried to sneak in a dummy cake into the conversation (*shock!*) and suggested on distributing cupcakes instead. Something like this:

But to be honest? I'm bored of cupcakes.
(I've had it on too many occasions for the past 2 years already!)

However, if I were to go with Kak Wanie's suggestion of having a simple, basic 3-tiered wedding cake, I must say I would love it in this style:

I would have it exactly like this. Or maybe we'd add a bit more colour and flowers to it.

And here are some other pretty cake pictures from Style Me Pretty that I adore!

I esp love this!
Creative use of ribons and bows instead of the standard flowers.


  1. i love really simple cakes too and kalau boleh memang taknak lah letak dummy cake.. sayang je if cuma boleh makan the outside but the cake tu dummy :/

  2. comeyynyeee..ai luv yummy not dummy cakes!!hehe;p