04 February 2010

Wedding Music Band

I'm on a look-out for a good wedding band. Anyone got any ideas? The thing is.... I'm a bit picky when it comes to live music. I love (lovelovelove!) a good acoustic band! Maybe a string quartet, a jazz band, or just a simple bass&piano combination (like the one at Delicious @ Dua Residency).

But for my wedding, I hope the band can meet these criterias:
  • Can play both Malay and English music
  • Versatile - can play a wide range of music genre (from folk to swing to jazz to acoustic to classic)
  • Have really really good acoustic sounds
  • Vocalist can sing in good Malay and English
My WP gave me a few suggestions and I also did a quick google for more options. Check out the clips below and tell me what you think!

Amethyst Band.
Strong vocalist and the band is great.
They are also the in-house band at Restaurant 39, PNB Derby.

Clymax Band.
(sorry for the bad quality!)

Wedding Live Band: Romantic Quartet.
Eventhough they're singing a chinese song but they've got really good acoustic here!

From Jason Geh Entertainment.
Love this band! So lively! So versatile! Listen long enough and you'll hear them singing Broery Marantika (my dad's fav).


  1. ur choice is..? oh i nak jugak..but i dont think so i can afford plus now dah rasa macam nak bankrap dah..hahah..let me know if u know the price k?

  2. haha..yeah. me too. tringin sgt tapi mmg can't afford. so i simply replace dgn tarian zapin je. a bit cheaper.

  3. havent decided yet... tu yg nak ask opinions ni. =)but i'll let you know bila i dah dpt quotes nanti.
    elly... i read your blog about having tarian zapin! so comel! i wish i got zapin... but x kena with my theme pulak. plus, i used to dance zapin in uni dulu.

  4. Hee. Im taking Amethyst Band for my wedding. The Delicious Dua band is pretty awesome. I hear they do weddings. Maybe you can check them out since you love them so much.