01 March 2010

February Checklist revisited

It's that time of month again!! And I must say that February has been a very productive month for me, especially since I have a cartoonish-looking anvil hanging over my head, what with me not being around for the next 2 weeks. And for once, I'm seeing a totally different side of my father, who is like a military commander, barking orders and status updates everytime I see him. Mum tries to be helpful and sympathetic at times so.....  *shrugs*

And me? Well... much dramas ensues. (T__T)

  1. Order wedding invitation card  + DONE! Finalised the mock-up last weekend and hopefully we can start printing by end of the week!
  2. Confirm photographer  + photographer that I wanted is getting married this weekend, so no chance to meet-up last week. Hopefully will still be able to confirm once I get back or just via email.
  3. Start ordering wedding favors  + Still not yet done but it deserves an entry by itself!
  4. Look-out for live band for reception  + DONE! And yes... this also deserves its own entry!
  5. Finish shopping for 'hantaran'  + Erm..............
  6. 'Singles Retreat' with the girlfriends  + Went to Taman Negara for CNY and my girlfriends wants to throw me a 'hen night' party after I get back. Yay! 
  7. Finalise decorations ideas with Kak Wanie of KK  + I love the fact that she considers my ideas that I've been throwing about in this blog, captures it and transforms it in her own distinct style. And from what I've seen so far... totally can't wait to see it materialise! Should I spoil the fun for you guys? *1000x winks*
  8. Send materials to dressmaker for my nikah  outfit.  + DONE! Will be able to pick it up right after I get back from outstation.
  9. Fitting and finalising concept for my wedding dress. + DONE! 1st fitting right after I get back from outstation. Crosses fingers that it'll turn out ok. 
  10. Confirm caterer and canopy for nikah ceremony + My aunt have offered to handle the logistics and etc for this. Woohoo!! Less things to worry about!
  11. Book honeymoon (??)  + Waiting for MATTA fair? Wait... when is it again this year?
  12. To lose 2kg!! + Bleurgh. I've been too busy and too stressed out with workloads to even consider dieting or exercising. I'm bringing my running shoes along with me to oversea so maybe I can fit in some jogs. Should I bring my protein shakes as well?
  13. Order Wedding Cake + DONE! But haven't gotten a feedback from the cakemaker yet. Hopefully, the team will be able to pull through with the ideas I had in mind.
7 out of 13 ain't soo bad. At least the major ones have been covered. Kak Wanie have set out a few 'homeworks' for me to do for the next week, so maybe later I'll share with you all what's these homeworks are all about. *grins*

In the meantime, I'm trying to come up with a March checklist. I know there's a lot to be done but it's 3am and I can't seem to wrap my head around the entirety of this whole wedding event. If you have any suggestions on the important milestones that I need to get covered in this last month of preparation.. well.. don't be shy to drop a comment! Loving all those emails and comments!

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