11 February 2010

Bridezilla tamed... for now!

Much hugs and appreciation for all your emails and comments on my very 1st Bridezilla moment! Here! Have a cookie. (^__^)

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In my moment of panic, all your comments and words of assurance helped to calm me down a bit. And I was sane enough to do some damage controls and made a few contacts and I have found my savior! Alhamdullilah... a family friend (or more like my Mother's colleague's family) had offered to helped us out with the wedding card printing&designing. So, after trading a few emails, a quick discussion with The Parents, a phonecall and a few more emails, I'm crossing fingers that all will turn out well. 

Want to know who is my savior? Check out this awesome powerhouse couple: 

On another note, had another talk with my Mother this evening about the favor that I asked her to order in Jakarta and I just found out that she ordered a low quality version of the favor, and the design is different compared to what I had wanted. *sigh....* I don't know if I should be feeling very guilty for putting my mum through all the troubles of travelling all the way there and yet, have to deal with a fussy daughter like me or...

Resign myself to the failure of miscommunication.

But I've already sent a quick email to the vendor in Jakarta to make sure that I get what I want, or else it'll be more money wasted on things I do not like. I'm kinda hoping the Father will be going back to Jakarta soon, just in case I need to do more damage control later.

Ok... ok... enough of bridezillas!! On a lighter note, I found a wedding band! No. Not the one that you can wear as accesories. It's the one that can sing! (and play musical instruments!) Hardcore googling paid-off, and I managed to find a 4-piece band within my budget. Check them out!

And she sings Norah Jones! (l.o.v.e.)

PS: Do you love cake as much as I do? Wedding Cake post coming up next!

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