28 January 2010

Of (More!) Wedding Dresses...

More wedding dress ideas! I'm still in love with the dress that I found at Shah Alam, but I'm looking for some ideas to add more details - particular more laceworks as the dress itself is a simple chiffon&shantung combination.

I love the cutting and lace patchwork of this dress.

A vintage 1950's tea dress - an ode to Audrey Hepburn's wedding dress.
I love the top!

Love the boatneck. Love the belted waistline. Love the 2-piece concept.

My personal favourite.
A gorgeous combination of lace&chiffon.
(Can I wear this please?)

And since I'm in a sharing mood, my original concept for a wedding dress was based on this:


  1. ai love the 3rd dress. magnificient!!;)

  2. haha... looks like the 3rd pic is getting very popular. sgt sweet kan the look. ;)

  3. backless dress wow sangat daring, go for it dear if you can :D