04 January 2010

The Concept

I've sooo many ideas for the wedding that I want to share and yet, I still owe you guys my Inspiration Board!! And trust me... I was in the works of creating one, but it just took me longer than expected trying to choose and crop and edit from the abundance of stock photos that I kept in my e-file. So... impatience won out and I've decided that I just want throw out all of my ideas and pictures that I've been keeping very close to my chest, right here and now. Inspiration Board be damned.

So! You've held my hand when I was struggling trying to come up with a colour pallete (read THIS and THIS). Now, I'll present to you the concept that I had in mind to pair these colours with!


Picture courtesy of Google Image (Sorry! Can't remember the exact source!).

The first time I saw THIS picture, I fell in love with the vibrancy of the colours, the merriness and cheerfulness it evokes and (especially) the lanterns!! I remember rushing to show my mother the picture and for once, both of us agreed that it is utterly beautiful. And from there, the concept for the wedding came almost naturally. Both of us decided that we want something... FUN. It's as simple as that. I had even joked around with hubby that the wedding will be aptly titled: CARNIVAL. Of course, he thinks that I was crazy but I know somewhere deep deep in the recesses of my chest that I was half-serious about it.

The idea of having an informal setting, with bright colours and an open green venue was something that constantly teased the child in me. It helps that The Parents are supportive of the concept. Mum was quick on suggestions for wedding favours (hint: one of it is in the picture above already) and Dad agreed that we should have lots of sweets and desserts (perhaps more than food?). I think I was just dumbfounded that for once, we're in tuned on something!

So.... have I come up with any name for my wedding ala birthday party concept? I'm still stuck with 'Carnival'. (^___^)

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  1. Nice concept, babe! I love informal settings as well. Unfortunately, am not having one :( You buat kat KGPA sure cantik buat this setting! I can just imagine your dessert table! :p Oh, I have a recommendation for cuppies, apple crumble etc. His name is Kaye, he has a blog and FB. Try googling Taste Invasion. His cuppies are delicious but they are a bit pricey. Maybe can nego with him? :)