10 January 2010

Of Popcakes!

There are just so many things... ideas... that I would love to incorporate into my wedding, and I just have too many... 'stuffs' in my WeeFile that I just need to start organizing them in a systematic order! So, this will become a series of things that I love. And to start it off:


I fell in love with the idea of popcake about a year ago, when I stumbled a food blog that featured this cutesy little cake balls on a stick(!), which was first made famous by Bakerella. People in the States fell head over heels over these miniature desserts. Even Martha fell in love with it!

Picture courtesy of Bakerella

My initial idea was to have these as edible table centrepiece (because I just love edible centrepiece)...

Picture courtesy of TheKitchn

But I think it'll work better as a wedding favor instead. So far I've seen this mostly been given out as 'hantaran nikah' or personal presents... but not much as a wedding favor. And I must say that the novelty of this idea has yet to catch up here on our shore... which is good for me! Because this'll be something 'new' to give out to guests.

And we're absolutely lucky that we have our very own Popcake Queen in the lovely Kak Ena of Popcake2U. I don't think there are any other bakeries out there who makes these popcakes.

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