22 December 2009

Dilemma: Colour Theme

Have I mentioned that I've a wedding planner in the lovely Kak Wanie of Kerja Kahwin? Well... now I have! (Wave to Kak Wanie and family everyone!) If you've been following my dooms and glooms and drama since this whole blog started, then you'd be aware that I was desperate to find a wedding planner to help me out in organizing the wedding. In fact, I'm sure some of you with the Wee-Logs would have received my email politely asking for some tips and help and recommendations on potential wedding planners. I have to say a bunch of thanks to those who replied. You know who you are. *wink*wink*

Well... anyway... I must say that I was more than relieved in finding KK and the lovely team behind the website, and despite being very busy during this hectic wedding season, Kak Wanie has been more than helpful and gracious to meet-up. And it was great having someone to talk too about this, and in our last meeting, Kak Wanie has posed me a question:

What sort of concept am I looking for the wedding?

And you know what? I was stumped. I mean... I have some words... ideas... ambiance all stuck in my head... but it was very difficult for me to translate them into pretty pictures. I couldn't even decide the colour theme! So I spent many a nights staying up... researching... looking for pictures... and it was very difficult for me to find anything resembling the sort of wedding I had envisioned. So I went back and start with the basic:

I like BLUE and anything that goes with it. But the thing is, I also like RED for the sheer warmth and brightness that it evokes. And yeah... sure... you can get quite a nice wedding with both colours:

But.... I think I want something more... Colourful. Bright. Cheery.
So you want to know what I did? I stayed up all night and played around with some ancient programmes and came up with my very own colour palletes!!

The colours are not so great, but I still had fun playing around with it. So which one do you like? I personally am torn between #1 and #4. And the thing is, I went back to look up other wedding inspiration pictures and I found some other colour schemes that I like! Camne ni?!

And do you wanna know what I did next? Making my own wedding story board!
.... which I will share in my next post. Dah penat dah tulis entry ni.


  1. lupa to mention..the 6th palletes remind me of spring ;D

  2. #4 i think...coz combination of blue and red sgt cantik n pastel orange tu make it complete and ceria lagi