13 January 2010

Of Wedding Dresses and Audrey Hepburn

I'm 10+ weeks away from my wedding day and I still don't have a wedding dress or a wedding dressmaker. *smack!* Yes... I deserve that. Been so tied down with work lately that I really can't spare a weekend to go wedding gown hunting. So last Sunday , I managed to squeeze some time-off from work to go scouting. Visited a few bridal boutiques around KL and... well.. have to say that I was a bit dissappointed with some of the collection but it gave me some ideas of my ideal wedding dress!

One of the dress that I had tried out reminded me so much of this:

Who can forget that opening scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn in this dress?
(psst... btw... I love that movie!)

And I love Audrey Hepburn sense of style. Simple silhouette and clean lines that whispers feminity and elegance like old ladies gossipping behind their hankerchiefs. So... I googled and found a few Audrey Hepburn's inspired wedding gowns!

Pictures courtesy of (from top) Stylish Soiree , Weddinggowntown, Ciarla Bride & SoVintagePatterns.

And of course... can't forget our very own local talent: HATTA DOLMAT! I'm in love with his new bridal collection: Sogni Belli because it has a few of my favourites which would've made Audrey proud! A few of his dresses unveiled at the recent MIFW 2009.

(I love this!)

So girls! Now I need your help! Should I keep hunting down my dream dress at bridal boutiques (please recommend me some!) or should I just go straight to a dressmaker to make my dream come true?


  1. samelah kiter.. still searching for nikah dress.. xtau nk tempah or beli

  2. Go straight to a dressmaker!! And when you're done with the wedding, ask the designer to alter the dress so that you can wear them again! :p

  3. hee... sangat sangat tempted nak pegi to dressmaker terus. =)