04 January 2010

January Checklist

Before I start on my very first blog entry for the year, let's revisit my December Checklist to see how's my progress is like:

  1. Secure a venue
  2. Meet-up with WP
  3. Send 'kain' for tailoring. > discussed with my tailor that I can send in my materials for 'nikah' outfit in February. Yay!
  4. Do HIV test
  5. Pick up Sijil Kursus Kahwin
  6. Get a head-start on the paperworks
  7. Start ordering wedding invitation cards
  8. To finalise decorations & theme for wedding (nikah & reception) with WP
  9. To decide on make-up artist, photographer & bridal boutique for reception dress.
*sigh* So many things yet to settle, but I definitely have to start making a dent on the outstanding items this month! Or else I'd be trouble!

So... my January Checklist!

  1. Start doing up my paperworks.
  2. Order wedding invitation cards
  3. Confirm make-up artist
  4. Confirm photographer (too many choices! don't know how to choose!)
  5. Search for reception dress at bridal boutiques.
  6. Start ordering wedding favours (soo many ideas...!)
  7. Get all my families and dayang-dayang materials for clothes and organizing them for wedding
  8. Look-out for live band for reception
  9. Finish shopping for 'hantaran'
  10. Make plans for 'Singles Retreat' with the girlfriends 
  11. Get sample measurement for hubby's 'baju melayu'

Aiyoo... how come my lists are getting longer??

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