07 January 2010

Idea: Wedding Favor Buffet?

I saw this on Martha Stewart's website and fell in love with the idea of having a wedding favor buffet. Don't you think it's cute?? The idea is to have a few options as wedding favor to your guests, and they can choose whichever they like!

(All pictures and ideas are credited to Martha's Wedding Site)

Have your pick! Soap? Candle? Or a surprise goody bag?

A chocolate buffet for takeaway! How cute is this?
Guests are provided with cute boxes to mix-n-match their own chocolate favors!
(But I'm holding my breath just wondering how much this will cost!)

Or... what about a cookie buffet? Just pick-n-choose your favourite cookies.. yummy!
(but... tak lemau ke cookies tu nanti?)

Okay... this isn't exactly a buffet but an alternative of putting your wedding favors as centre pieces!
Cute and practical.

Another favor centrepiece! Candies all nicely wrapped up with some flower deco.

The idea are quite 'niche' in a way and in Martha's website, she provided a lot of ideas on favors display if you're not planning to have someone to go around and distribute them to guests... (like me?). But I'm considering if it'll actually be practical  - in terms of $$ and in light of our asian values/customs.

For one... it's only polite to return the favor to the guests personally. (This is where the flower girls comes in)

And secondly... if you lay it out buffet-style, there are risks that people will not be considerate and take too much for themselves. (Unless you have a 'bodyguard' tolong jaga the favors. )

But then again... I think it'll be nice to have a wedding favor display right next to the guestbook. So that means, people have to write in 1st before they can get anything! Ok... just kidding... (^__^)


  1. hm, i like the idea...but since im having it at home and mom akan invite org at least 2k..so theres no way ill be doing this..hm..there is a possibility org akan amek extra..but of course..i love the idea..should have done this during my engagement..or should i consider this idea mase akad nikah..oh thanks for sharing the info girl!


  2. oh this is indeed very interesting..hmm..perhaps i should do something like this for my akad..heheh

    thanks dear..