06 January 2010

Idea: Invitation Card

One of the main thing that I defnitely have to get done this month is ordering my wedding invitation card and... well... let's just say that I'm kinda stuck.

My problem is that I have this awesome (AWESOME!) idea for the invitation card and I can't find a suitable vendor that can help me pull it off. Also, I'm having a bit of a disagreement with The Parents on the concept of the card. While I heartly agree that simple, nice yet economical card fits-to-a-tee the idea of avoiding unnecessary wastage to the constant limited sources of this precious earth (ie. GO GREEN!)... but... but...

I'm in love with this card already!!

Picture courtesy of Graceful Whimsy.

Another example, picture courtesy of ... google image?

Have I mentioned how much I'm in love with Erin Walsh's wedding? And her card (top) could definitely fit in to the theme of my wedding. I love the simplicity and the colours involved. Anyone knows any card vendors that can help out and yet give reasonable rate?

Another sort of card idea that I love: simple squared-one piece wedding invitation.

Idea and picture courtesy of WLT

This was my original love for a wedding invitation card with an added touch of colour coming from the ribbon. The idea is still on the table if the first one doesn't work out and I can get a reasonable quote for this.

And I know it's not really customary to have an invitation card for the solemnization ceremony, but I want to have a go at making my own card for this, as it'll be better manageable with 100+ or so invites to make. I want to contribute at least  one personally made item for the wedding.

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