24 January 2010

I think I'm in love

I think I'm in love. And I feel so guilty because it's not with my fiancee! I have never felt anything so strongly as this before. My head is cloudy... I can't think straight... my heart is pitter pattering hard with excitement... and all I want to do tonight is dream of ... it. And I think I've finally found it! My dream wedding dress!

What do you think I was talking about?

Was out the whole day with my girlfriend, and we had started out bright and early covering bridal boutiques in the Wangsa Maju-Melawati-Ampang area and all the way to Shah Alam. Early on in the day, I found something that I like at Gezal Mihat, and was serious enough to take the dress on the spot. But I hate making rash decisions so I told myself that I'll give it some serious thought. And my friend agrees that the dress was nice but she knew that it wasn't something that I'm in love with. And her good advice to me that afternoon was, if you love something it will be at first sight. And it'll be something that can take your breath away and you will just know that it is the one. And I came to a swift conclusion that:

Finding a wedding dress is just like finding a husband.

Oh yes... I am being totally serious.

So we went on ahead scouring for wedding dresses at other bridal boutique, and we were in Shah Alam when we passed by the shop. The boutique itself was unremarkable - on the small-ish side, no designer brand names, a pelamin decoration in the middle of the shop and a few mannequin parading their latest bridal design. They didn't even keep any of their bridal collection out front, so me and my girlfriend could have easily passed over the shop without much thought.

But... my eyes was instantly drawn to one of the dresses worn by the mannequin. It was brown and simple - no beading, no lace, not a single extravagant decorations on it. People who would only pass by with just a glimpse could have mistaken it as a 'jubah'. But I noticed the empire waist cutting ... the boatneck line ... the satin trim on the skirt ... and I was hooked like a fish to a reel.

We went into the shop to ask about the dress and the lady said that it was still in the making, so the dress is not yet complete with all the beading and lace patchworks. I wanted to at least try it on, but the shop have a strict policy on trying out clothes. *grumbles* So I went a few times inspecting the dress on the mannequin, and OhMyGoodness! I was so in love with it that I didn't know what had hit me!

What followed was a good 30 minutes of discussion with the lady on my options. And since I love the dress but not the colour - my only option is to have a newly made one just for me. Of course I was ecstatic at the very idea! And I was already imagining myself wearing a white version of the dress already and the lady seemed keen at my excitement over the dress. But alas... my dreams are not perfect. The lady gave me a price quote - which basically includes the price for a newly made dress, a new suit for the groom, accesorries and shoes and etc... - and it's a bit beyond my budget. *sigh*

Now I don't know what to do!! Should I go on ahead with it and compromise on my budget? Or should I try to get a quote from another dressmaker for the same design? Or should I just move on and find another?

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