29 December 2009

Dilemma Solved: Colour Theme

I'm a bit neurotic when it comes to colours because I just love 'em! And guess what? I think I've finally found my color palette!
(I made this!)

Found this really cool website: Colour Lovers , where you can create your own colour palette and patterns without the use of dinasour-aged programmes. It's so easy and there are also a bunch of other colour palettes there for inspiration.

And I made the colour palette based on this inspiration board made by Erin Walsh @ Style Circle.

Berry Beautiful

I just love her style and ideas because she likes to use bright contrasting colours and incorporate fun little details into her wedding. You can check out her wedding pictures in My Muse sidebar.

Other inspiration that I used for my colour palette:

pictures from: Style Circle

I'm hoping to make my inspiration board based on these pictures soon!!


  1. i love ur theme colour. sweet enough! =)

  2. thanks! can't wait to see your other wedding ideas too! (^__^)