04 December 2009

December Checklist

I feel bad for not blogging for awhile. Wedding plans was put on the back burner so that I could concentrate on my studies for now as exams are around the corner. But last Monday, my parents and I went to check a few hotels in KL for wedding venues. My dad was keen on The Royale Chulan when he found out that they have a nice covered courtyard (which I bet would be really really beautiful if it's fully decorated), but the price is a bit beyond our budget so we have to reconsider our other options.

Other than snippets of wedding research here and there, I've made up a list of things that needs to be done this month:
  1. Secure a venue ... FAST!!
  2. Meet-up with WP
  3. Send 'kain' for tailoring.
    (I heard you actually need 5 months for this. Yikes!)
  4. Do HIV test (while I'm still free)
  5. Pick up Sijil Kursus Kahwin (dah berabu duduk dlm laci LPPKN)
  6. Get a head-start on the paperworks (future hubby have already done his. haih...)
  7. Start ordering wedding invitation cards
  8. To finalise decorations & theme for wedding (nikah & reception) with WP
  9. To decide on make-up artist, photographer & bridal boutique for reception dress.

Huh. That was short. I'm sure my WP had sent me a full list for me to consider, but I think I'll have a better idea of things that I need to do once I meet-up with her (can't wait!).

Oh! And I think I've decided on the theme for my solemnization! Haven't really shared this with anyone else, but it's no secret that I'm in love with the colour blue. So while I want my reception to be colourful  and cheerful, I've decided on simple understated elegance and romanticism for the 'nikah' ceremony.
(Plus, happens to be that my french lace for baju nikah is a shade of baby blue.)

It was this particular storyboard that had inspired me:

Theme: Romantic Blue

And I was thinking of incorporating 'A Thousand Origami Crane' into the ceremony as well, but I'm not sure how well received the idea of integrating a Japanese legend into Malay custom would be like. Also, the task of actually folding 1-0-0-0 paper cranes would just be time-consuming! (I tried folding one for a trial test and it took me almost 30 minutes! so... 30min x 1000 =30,000 min = 500hrs = 20.8days) But I still think it'd be a nice 'touch' to the ceremony, and by using recycled paper, I'd be subtly stamping my stand on 'Going Green!'. Well... it's just an idea though...

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