01 March 2010

My Muse

So here's a question: Who/What inspires your wedding?

Is it a cultivation of your childhood girlish dreams, all wrapped around fairytales and prince charmings and tiaras and happily ever after?

Or is it the idealism and believes that you stand for - be it religion or earth conservations or a bountiful duty to  your inherit culture?

Or is it just the idea of having fun and run away with it as you please? Well... this is, after all, you wedding day and you can get away with the most outlandish themes/ideas ever!

Well... if I were to be frank, my muse are these:


(Of course, you can read my love story with the lanterns in this post )
Lots and lots of multi-coloured, multi-sizes and multi-hued...

Aren't they just a bundle of fun? I especially love the colours! And when I look at all these pictures, I think of birthday parties and fun fairs and squeels of children's laughters and bubbles and balloons and lots and lots of chocolates. And basically, that has been my ideals for the wedding. I really do hope people can let loose and have fun. 

So... consider this as me running away with the idea of having lots and lots of colourful paper lanterns for my garden/carnival wedding!

ps: Safely landed on the land beyond the sea. No wi-fi here other than the ones at cyber cafes. Hopefully I can still  update from time to time.


  1. i think paper lantern are cute. hehe..will consider for my wedding nnti.heee :) btw..if u dont mind..i add ur link to my blog..i just started mine. :)

  2. Hi there...those paper lanterns are so lovely