13 December 2009

Ideas for Guesbook

I'm taking a small break from my books for awhile to share this idea for my guest book area. I suppose having a guest book section is a new 'in' thing for malay weddings nowadays - something that we have yet again incorporated from western themed weddings. I think it's a great idea. At least the guests don't have to buy wedding cards anymore. ;)

A few things that I like:


A DIY Wedding Photobooth courtesy of GWS

IKEA has tons of cute and quirky fabrics to use as backdrop to match your wedding theme.
Or... any textile stores can do. All you need is a frame, a mesh wire, a long fabric to hand and ta-daa!


I've always love the old-skool theme of a polaroid photo, and I think it's just so much fun to have around at an event because it brings out the spontaneity and fun from other people.
Plus, polaroid cameras are so much more affordable nowadays... you can get one for less than RM500.

So... combine both elements together and what do you get?

Picture courtesy from StyleMePretty

... A DIY Polaroid Guestbook!
Doesn't this looks so much fun?


  1. Hi Ainun,

    I like reading your blog! Very nice ;) And I have the same idea for my guestbook too!! I didnt know that a Polaroid costs less than rm500? Boleh la kot beli, since I've always wanted one since I was a lil girl. But, my mom always says that the film is expensive, tapi i tak pernah la pulak check. Do you happen to know?

    Hehe, sorry such a long comment, very the excited like that :P

    Anyways, hope to read more from you! I've linked your blog to mine, hope you dont mind! :)

  2. Hi! Thanks for linking! Nanti I'll link you back. mmm... I think the cheapest polaroid camera I've seen at Ampang Park was around RM300. A newer and bigger version costs around RM800. But film is a bit expensive la... around RM2 to RM3 per piece.

  3. hi..dropping by..i pun ada buat entry bout the photobooth!hehe..my fav part!but the camera tak kot..mahal rasanya... :)

    btw..gud luck!

  4. now i can leave a comment. hihi.. would love to have this photobooth too! hihi. but the film, erk, mahal jugak eyh.. huhu