28 December 2009

1st Time a Bride's Maid

So last Wednesday night, I got a phone call from one of my good friend asking me to be her pengapit (aka maid's of honor) for her 'Majlis Bertandang' on Saturday.  And since I got nothing better to do that weekend, I signed myself up for it. It'd be great to spend some time with her, and I also took it as a learning experience for my own coming wedding.

On Thursday night, I met up with her husband bringing along ALL of my baju kurung for him to decide which one would be suitable for me to wear for the reception.

On Friday night, met up with the bride and we went around doing some last minute chores up till 3am.

On Saturday morning, the bride woke me up bright and early at 7am, and we went another round doing some more chores before heading to the hall in Putrajaya around 9am. Even then, we just had SOO many things to do!! I was running around outside the hall like a headless chicken doing stuff for the bride, while she runs around like a headless chicken inside the hall. Patience were severely tested, tempers almost came to blows, a lot of breathing exercise required and it was almost 12pm when I had to physically dragged both the bride and groom to the VIP room to get ready.

Thankfully at this juncture, the Mak Andam finally came to man-handle the bride long enough to get her dressed, maked-up and ready for the general public. Me and the Best Man had to wait to make sure that the bride and groom were ready before we changed into our attires. Even then, I was doing some last minute slide show for the bride and had to run around to coordinate the songs and the timing with the technician.

1.30pm came around and we finally settled ourselves into line-ups for the grand entrance. We had originally planned to let the bride's 3meters long veil to trail behind her in it's full length. But it was too long and too heavy for it to flow evenly, and it kept snagging along the fabrics of the red carpet. So I had to resort to carrying the veil. And thankfully I was only the pengapit! Why? Because I have horrible fear of public attention, and even just standing behind the bride makes me nervous! But once we were on stage, I kept most of my attention to the bride so that I wouldn't be conscious of the crowd. I have yet to decide how I am going to handle all of the attention once when I'll be the bride!

Despite all of the 'running-round-like-headless-chickens' and last minute hiccups in the preparations, the ceremony itself went by very smoothly - of which I am soo happy for the bride and groom and their families. The Best Man (BM) and I accompanied the Bride and Groom up till the cake-cutting ceremony. Beyond this, we let the B&G enjoy the spotlight and pretty much fade into the crowd. But both of us were so knackered! After meeting up with some mutual friends that came to the reception, both of us basically collapsed and fell to sleep in the VIP room.

And as for the rest of the day... well... let's just say it was a very very long day. Somehow, at the end of the day, there wasn't many people left to help out and clean-up the place. So in the end, it was a party of 5 - me, the best man, the bride, the groom and his brother - we all cleaned up the place, haul most of the stuff to the front entrance and into the van. I felt bad that both B&G had to carry around their own stuff while still in their wedding attires! But have to give salute to both of them for being such a sport about it. It definitely made-up for some excellent 'Trash the Dress' photoshoot!

We ended the day with tons of photoshoots and video-making. Well... okay... more like B&G did those. Me and BM had to resort to become merely props. But it was still fun nonetheless! At one point, while B&G went outdoor photoshooting, me and BM went and crash the wedding held in the ballroom upstairs! Why? Because it was late and we were hungry! And you know what? We never got caught! And it was a formal sit-down dinner! And we even 'mingled'.
(To the bride and groom of said wedding, sorry for crashing and thanks for the dinner! We were the couple in brown.)

All in all, it was a very long, tiring yet eventful day. Thanks FirAsh for letting me be a part of your big day. It's over now and enjoy your married life together! (Finally!!)

The Bride & Groom: Fira & Asyraf
(Was too busy to take any pictures, so I borrowed this from WLT)

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