25 November 2009


My wedding planner is just about 75% confirmed. Yay! Lega... because then I know I don't have to worry so much when I have a much experienced person backing me up. But Mummy still 'membebel'. Let's just say that we're not talking to each other at the moment. I know that sounds bad, but I think it's best that I allow some time to pass for both of us to cool down a bit. On the other hand, I find talking to my dad about the wedding plans much easier and effective. Go Daddy!

Anyways, I was up the whole of last night looking up for more inspirations for colour schemes for my W-Day concept. Since what I have in mind is an outdoor garden wedding, I like there to be bright, cheery colours that can give that intimate and 'meriah' ambiance. So, went online, googled and the more pictures I see, the more undecided I become. But I do see a pattern for the ones that especially caught my eyes:

Light blue & Pink
I'm not a pastel colour kind of girl, but somehow this combination endears to me for its whimsical and fun effect. I esp love the picture of the girl with the balloons. Now that's more like it.

Light blue & Peach
Another interesting combination: fresh end-of-summer colours. But can I pull it off in a malay-wedding set-up?

Red & Aqua
Totally love the bold contrast of bright red against the cool blue. It's cheerful and elegant at the same time.

(Another) Red & Aqua
You'd know how much I love the combination when I'm repeating it twice.
But... for your viewing pleasure.

Teal & Cherry red
I'm aware this has very little difference to previous colour scheme, but it's a slightly darker hue perhaps giving it a bit more 'serious' tone?

Light blue & Apple Green
Another combination that I adore.
Both colours compliment beautifully, and gives off that pure and serene quality to a wedding.

(Source: The Perfect Palette )

Well, at least I know which base colour I've decided on (although I'm aware that it is way overplayed in the wedding circuit this year). I was actually looking for some wedding pictures with Aqua & Coral colour scheme, but apparently that is one palette that is not very popular in the wedding circuit.

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