26 October 2009

Step 1: Admit that you have a problem

Still a NO-GO on the wedding plans yet. I seriously don't know what to do! or where to start! The Parents (yup... all 4 of 'em) finally got together last weekend to confirm the dates. So we're doing the receptions over 2 weekends then - 1 for the bride side, and the next one for the groom. I'll keep the dates hush-hush for now, to keep the element of surprise (as if!).

So now that we've firmed up the dates, next thing on my list is to find a venue - and I'm creating a war out of this. Refer to my previous post. It's going to drag on for a good while unless someone puts their feet down on it... or something... and 'You-Know-Who' told me to just raise the white flag. Let it be. Since The Parents are footing for the bill, I should let them spend it however they want - even if it means spending more of it than I would be comfortable with.

And I'm starting to care even less nowadays. I don't care if they want to book a hotel or a dewan.. as long as we can make some sort of progress soon! I really don't want to drag this out for so long because I'm perfectly aware that I'll be busybusybusy starting December till March, and I won't have the time to make wedding plans. HOWEVER... I'm not budging from the idea of making a grand entrance or sitting on a damn 'dais' and putting up fake, plastic, too-polite smiles for people. I don't really understand why people want to do it... having the spotlight on you, people staring and judging... I know I'd be uncomfortable with all those attention. I worry that I might do something stupid... like... literally ROTFLOL. (And if you don't understand that, I meant rolling on the floor laughing out loud.)

And I'm pretty sure I'm just creating all these scenarios and dramas in my head. But can you blame me?

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