18 October 2009

When Life gives me Lemons, I'd buy Apples

I can't believe I'm actually doing this: setting-up an entire blog on my wedding-to-be. I find this embarrasingly cliche and sooo... un-me. Why? Because I am not a bride. I am not the sort of person who enjoys weddings. I am not the sort of person who likes organizing and planning frivolous details of what will cultimates to be the wedding day of my life. Most of the time I wish I could just elope and have a small dinner party for those closest and dearest. Most of the time I wish that I am a physics major (instead of being a blasted accountancy graduate), have a brain of Einstein, invent a time-machine and transport myself one year from this point of time, just so that I could avoid this dreaded wedding.

No. Don't take me wrong. I do want to get married but that's the problem isn't it? A marriage is the religious/civil symbolism of uniting two persons together as partners for life. A wedding on the other hand, is a celebration of said union. And although I am up for celebration, my idea of it is represented by said marriage itself. To me, a successful marriage is the best way to celebrate this union in the first place. Oh... who am I kidding?? I will never be able to escape this!

So thus born my desperate need to setting-up this blog. I have... 164 days to WeeDay... which is approximately 5 months. The date is set to be on 3rd or 4th of April 2010. Yes, you've read that right. We haven't even finalise the date yet! O.m.g. I never even realised that I am that behind schedule. And I am starting from scratch. I've got nothing on me right now and I feel sooo naked. I'd be a naked bride if I don't start any plans soon!

So hear me out dear readers:
If you have recently gotten married, or will be getting married, or are involved in this whole wedding she-bang in this lovely state of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia... please please please ... drop me an email or any comments below. I will be chronicling my anxieties and dramas on a weekly-basis... or even daily!... if this whole mess don't clear-up soon.

The only reason I'm in this much trouble is because my parents and I don't share the same ideals for this said wedding. Like I mentioned, if it was completely up to me, I'd run away with this entire wedding in my bag, and drop it off somewhere inappropriate where people will glare at me and 'tsk-tsked' at me in such a manner to shame me. Ah well...

Life is all about Apples and Lemons right?

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  1. totally agree with what u wrote about weddings and marriages above. good luck!!