30 June 2011

I've settled in to life in Liverpool for a good 7 months now. (Time flies!)

And in that time-span: 
(other that the usual upkeep of the house and general welfare of Mr Husband and I)
  • I've re-organised this entire flat twice. 
  • Baked 4 party-sized cakes (and consume them by my lonesome)
  • Enrolled for ACCA classes
  • Went to said ACCA classes
  • Sat for said ACCA exams
  • Grown 4 herb plants (of which 1 died and the rest are in the process of dieing)
  • Had a family (the In-Laws) trip to Paris 
  • Still actively petitioning for a cat pet with Mr Husband
  • Barely runs ... hence consequential weight gain.

My exams were done 2 weeks ago to this day. And now I am bored. OUT OF MY MIND! 

So you can imagine why suddenly I am (not only) updating this blog but managed to get a new layout as well. I've picked up running again - although my fitness is too questionable for me to be proud of. And I was playing a lot of Guitar Hero on Mr Husband's Xbox when I first finished my exams... which ended with me having numb fingers for a few days - thus resulting to me stopping that particular activity. 

Plus, I am turning two-oh-six (*shhh... don't say it out loud!) on Monday and I am dreading it. I've never dread getting older as much I am right now. It's not just a mere number anymore. It's a case-in-point that I'm leaving my early twenties behind and encroaching on *GULP!* the big three-oh! (*shhh!!!)

Yes. I'm freaking out. I've never been much of a freak-out person but I'm freaking out for this. I'm hoping that baking a cake would tempt me to be complacent at least for awhile. Or am I just being irrational here?


  1. Hey Babe!!! I miss u so muchh...I can't wait to meet u during my wedding nanti.....Btw, I've been reading your blog all this while hehehe and now baru I rajin to have my own blog ;)

    Feel free to join n follow me okies...


  2. comel!! hehe... cant wait for your wedding too!! and good luck with the blog!